Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This is the church that is in my present header photo.  The village it is in is called Widecombe-in-the-Moor and we were there last year in June.  

We were on Dartmoor (Dartmoor National Park) in Devonshire, the southwestern part of England.  If you go to this link a map will show you its location in relation to the rest of the country.  

This is one of the most picturesque places in Devonshire.  It will greet you as you come over the hill, and there it is far below in the valley.

Widecombe was made popular by a famous rhyme and folk song, where "Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all" were on their way to Widecombe Fair on The Old Grey Mare.  The fair is still held annually in September.  Inside the church of St. Pancras, is a model of those famous riders.  This is the church that you see in my first and second photo.

The explanation reads: "Originally exhibited at Widecombe Fair in 1959, this model of the legendary Old Grey Mare and her riders took 82 year old retired sailor, Harry Price from Drewsteignton, two years to make.   Built entirely from scrap (nowadays known as 'recycled materials'), the many moving parts make this a very remarkable automaton."   You can read the history and see the lyrics at this link.  It has a sad ending which I never knew as I only used to sing the first few lines at school.  I know why now!  I would have been traumatized at the sad fate of the Old Grey Mare.

We were able to walk around the church and I will do a separate post on that.  In the meantime here are a few photos from around the town.  Apart from a few postcards I didn't buy any other souvenires from The Shop On The Green.  

I wish I had treated myself to this shirt.  My Dad used to visit clients in Dartmoor Prison for many years.  Being a police officer for 30 years and then working for a friend who was a solicitor/lawyer for another 20 plus, he visited prisons often, this one in particular in the latter part of his working career.  Dartmoor Prison was quite infamous.   My mother would often be a tad put out when as a young girl I would ask her if I could go out and play with my friends.  I would yell to those friends for the whole neighborhood to hear (I was not a quiet child), "Can't go anywhere, Dad will be coming home from prison shortly for his tea."  A little history of Dartmoor Prison can be found here.

One of the four-legged tourists that day.

And on to the church which I will be sharing photos of in another post.

I am adding the video found at the link above.  If you can't see it you can view it on YouTube's site here.