Thursday, January 15, 2015


This photo was taken from our hotel room in Norway last summer.

And now for Willy-Nilly Friday Five

In order that they happened.

1)  There are times when I get very distracted to put it mildly.  I have what I call 'brain racing'.  I think my Dad had it also and he was always telling me I took after him.  The older I get the more similarities there are that remind me of my Dad.  A classic with my Dad was when he was dashing down a hill in Torquay many, many years ago.  He went flying, head over heels, and badly broke his ankle, which meant a stay in hospital and forever more setting off alarms whenever he went through customs, with many pat downs during the rest of his lifetime. That was my Dad 'brain racing'.  I can't count how many times when I watched him march miles ahead of us when he had been in this mode, turning around with a puzzled look, wondering why we weren't with him.  Occasionally I do this myself and I can also get very distracted.  This morning I put orange juice in my first and last cup of coffee of the day.  A sign!  I even tried to drink it thinking I may have discovered some interesting concoction like they do at my favorite coffee shop. Yuk, one sip determined it was disgusting!  So, there is no way I am going out, just in case there is any icy patch waiting for me. I am going to sit down for the rest of the day and do absolutely nothing. I am fixing myself a lovely cup of herbal tea and a book is waiting to be read. I have already navigated myself around a couple of sharp knives while chopping up vegetables with no mishaps - pat me on the back please - I made myself concentrate extra hard, and the soup will be ready and waiting for when Gregg gets home. It is in the crockpot and the house is beginning to smell lovely. Thankfully I have already done the housework and I was finished before ten o'clock, again with no mishap.  Another clue should have been when I threw the laundry to be washed over the rail to the bottom of the stairs.  Usually I take it down a little more sedately, in a laundry basket.  Hmmmm.....back to the book as I sip my herbal tea and to look at Theresa's lovely bear with the soulful eyes.

2)  Gregg has been reading a book on Napoleon this week and we have been having lovely discussions in the evenings.  I had no idea Josephine was such a naughty lady.  I mean really!!!  And he was besotted with her poor man.  Unrequited love!   He was sent away from his home in Corsica to school in France when he was a very young boy of eight. He had very few friends and was picked upon because of his accent. Bullying is not a new thing it seems.  It made him a voracious reader, especially of the classics. When he became a general at the age of 23 he relied upon what he had learned from these classics, in dealing with people and in planning his battles. Thanks to Gregg I am in school during the evenings, and loving it. 

3)  The above reminds us of Gigi and George, the lovely couple we met in France last summer, and of George's marvelous collection, miniatures of Napoleon's army, as well as a collection of medallions representing each of Napoleon's generals. I wish I could tell George how much we are enjoying learning more of this famous man, and how impressed we were with his collection.  

4)  If anyone is interested in the book, it is called "Napoleon: A Life" by Andrew Roberts.  I will be reading it after Gregg has finished.  Contrary to what people thought, Napoleon was not an excessively short man.  He was of average size for his day and had a brilliant mind.

5)  Sandra over at MadSnapper introduced us to The Piano Guys this week.  I had never heard of them but have now listened to several songs on YouTube.  I enjoy their music very much.  Thanks Sandra.  

If for some reason you can't access the video, you can go here.


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