Saturday, January 10, 2015


Last summer we visited the Norwegian Cultural History Museum in Oslo.

As we sat admiring the fountain this little White Wagtail landed on the rim.

It wasn't long before he flew off to find a more easily accessible drink.

(I mistakenly identified this as a Pied Wagtail earlier but by doing a little more research I think it is a White Wagtail.  Scientific name Motacilla alba.  It breeds in much of Europe and Asia and parts of North Africa.  You can learn more if you go here.  In the British Isles the darker sub-species is the pied wagtail.)

I am linking Anni's Bird D'Pot, Michelle's Nature Notes,  and Stewart's Wild Bird Wednesdaywith thanks to each for hosting these very enjoyable memes.  Their logos can be found on my side bar.