Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A little early but....

The fence and the sky seem to fit in with Good Fences and SkyWatch Friday.  We were driving through this lovely neighborhood to get to the museum mentioned in my previous post. 

Another of the above house.  I liked the old lamppost which was on the end of the median.

I found the roofs on many of the houses intriguing as they shone so brilliantly in the sunshine.  And of course I loved the gate.

 This photo seems to fit in with both memes....

as does this one.

It is always fun for me to drive through different neighborhoods to see the various designs of houses.

One last one for Theresa's Good Fences as that lovely dog reminded me of Theresa's dogs.

And now a few more sky photos taken near the Nautical Museum.  The statue behind the old mine is a WWII Memorial dedicated to Mariners.  

I am including the explanation below the memorial.  It is written in Norwegian but perhaps if I get any Norwegian visitors they might like to read it.  I did translate it through Google Translate but as I am not sure it is exact I left that out.

The rest are photos I took while walking near the water.


1) I had two overnight guests last weekend.  Neither of them knew each other, it just worked out that their visits coincided.  There would also have been another couple but that didn't come about, even though I was all prepared and would have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them.  It was, however, lovely seeing those I did see, both of whom I don't get a chance to get together with that often and it is always great catching up, one a family member and another an honorary family member.  I didn't have to cook at all as we were all on the go.  One night my friend and I, on our way back to the house, stopped off at the Chinese takeaway which she very kindly treated us to.  While we were waiting for our food we popped along to the store to buy milk and a couple of other groceries, and then a few more stores down, stopped by the coffee shop, sat down and chatted away while drinking our coffee until we thought the food would be ready.  After dinner we watched a couple of movies on the Hallmark Channel.  The family member I mentioned turned up and we also had a chat before everyone went off to bed,  It was a lovely weekend.

2) Gregg was away as he spent the same weekend with family. A couple were visiting them, relatives of my father-in-law.  Gregg brought them straight up to Washington DC for a quick sight-seeing trip before they caught their train home. This was the couple I was hoping to meet and I was sorry I missed them, but maybe one day we will have another opportunity.  They gave Gregg home-grown grape jelly and honey from their farm, which will be a lovely treat.  After our house guests had left, a few hours later Gregg came home and I enjoyed hearing about his weekend.  

3) I went to the opera to see a performance of The Merry Widow with my friend and another we met with at the theater.  As I have mentioned before, these are live televised performances from the New York Met. I would love to see an honest-to-goodness live performance while actually sitting with the Met's audience, but these satellite performances are great and you get to listen to interviews with the performers during intermission.  I always enjoy those, and seeing behind the scenes. Oh my goodness, it was a wonderful production with the most marvelous stage settings and gorgeous costumes, and a real flashback to my childhood.  My dad was an excellent hobby pianist and played in his spare time.  It was a good way for him to relax from police work and my mom, my sister and I used to love listening to him, and my dad would invite us to sing along, with my sister and I taking turns flipping the pages of his music book.  He also had a very good voice, and much to my surprise today I recognized many of the pieces that dad used to play - and sing - and I even remembered the words even though this is going back over 50 plus years.  I didn't realize until years later that this is how I developed my love of opera.  I want to treat myself to a DVD of this particular performance some time.  Hopefully there will be one out there because these performers were definitely my favorite.  And another thought, little wonder that I enjoy the television series "Inspector Morse" as he always reminded me of my dad. Inspector Morse was a lover of opera also and the actor John Thaw played his role well.

4). I had a few uncomfortable moments thinking I was not going to get to see the opera, because the night before when I needed to do grocery shopping for my house guests, I couldn't get the car to start. My battery had died.  I hadn't driven it for a while, we have been going around in Gregg's van. Lesson learned, remember to turn the car over, give it a run and don't leave it sitting for any extended length of time right?  Thank goodness for AAA.  They sent someone out in half an hour and he jump started it for me with that little magic box they carry around. I didn't realize it was going to be that simple. The young man who came here was a peach, very friendly.  Also the lady who answered the phone was from Ireland and had been over here since 1950. We had a lovely chat about our homes across the pond.  So yay for AAA.  Lovely people and they really came through. 

5) The hall closet door dropped off, again!  I was very happy to see Gregg arrive home, no not because of the closet door but methinks there is yet another trip up to the hardware store in our future.  We are finding how hard it is to get the right attachments to 30 year old doors as sizes are ever so slightly different.  Nothing quite fits.  One more try to get them right, or we might be having to get a whole new set of doors and have them fitted professionally.  We'll see!

Thank you to all our hosts of the three memes I am participating in today.  Their buttons are on my side-bar.