Thursday, December 18, 2014


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This photo and my present header are from last year and were taken at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  When I went into my online folder a while back, I found that they had been animated with flashing lights, so I decided to pop in a couple of them for this post.  The rest are photos taken around our neighborhood the other night.

The Neighborhood

The house in the photo below is a lot more subdued this year.  I am guessing these are new owners and their house is very nicely decorated but previously it looked like Disneyland.  We always wondered what the electric bill was like and did their neighbors have special shutters to hide from the glare.  It was fun to bring family and friends by to see them.  I did a post about it back in 2008 - link here - referring to it as the Griswold House, and always remember the scene in the movie where the powerplant had to boost the electricity to the city when Chevy Chase (Griswold) turned on his lights.  The photos in that post don't do it justice and for that matter neither do these below, as the houses looked much prettier and I didn't quite get the lights right.  For years the house I am talking about had an incredible glare that you could probably see from space - yes I kid - and animated moving pieces out front.  It was a fun house to see for big kids and little kids, but now it is a normal house.  I wish I could thank the people who put on the incredible light display for all the years of enjoyment they brought not only to us but to everyone we showed their house.  At the same time I liked the way the new owners have decorated with the Christmas trees.

Now for Willy-nilly Friday Five with a little Christmas Spirit

1) Andre Bocelli, one of my favorite voices.  This link takes you to his best songs for Christmas 2014.  It has several Yuletide songs and lasts for over an hour.  Great background melodies for playing when you are celebrating all that holiday cheer.

2)  If you go to this link you will find a recipe that shows you how to make the most darling meringue Christmas Trees.    

3)  A lovely Christmas gif. I found online, and sorry but I can't remember where I got it now.

4) A quote: "Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas........perhaps.......means a little bit more." From How the Grinch stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss.

5) And now for something a little different but a site I wanted to share before it got forgotten in my many folders.  Every now and again I share some fairy folk that I find. While surfing I found a wonderful blog where a lady makes them. If you are interested in seeing such things, you can find them here. Her workmanship is first class. 


  1. I like Christmas lights. When son and I drive down the streets at night this time of year we call'em out. "Grinch, grinch, not grinch, wreath so no grinch, grinch." Drives my wife crazy.

  2. OOOO! Ahhhh! What fun [it is]

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Christmas Flute [me playing]

  3. Beautifully lit, Denise!

    Such a contrast between now and the house in your 2008 post.

  4. Lovely pictures and I really like the last one it's my computer wall paper.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Denise, and I also love the last (animated) image. :)

  6. loving how everyne has decorated their houses and gotten into the xmas spirit, we don't see nearly enough of lights here.

  7. I love the snowman in the snow! But my very favorite is the beautiful blue flashing tree! It's kind of sad that those people moved away. They gave people a lot of Christmas fun and joy. The new decorations are pretty, but of course not spectacular like the old ones were. Your neighborhood is really pretty, all ready for Christmas!

  8. Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Thanks for link to Andre Bocelli. Lovely as are all the lights.

  10. I have a huge soft spot for light displays. Megathanks.

  11. oh that is so funny that we both posted the same quote! beautiful christmas light photos....the old owners did a great job with all those lights but i have to say i prefer the simpler version! thank you for linking and have a great weekend off to check the links! :)

  12. First off shots of Christmas lights.
    #1 Thanks for the lovely music.
    #2 I will pass on this one, it would just bring out the cookie monster in me.
    #3 I have a hard time remembering much of anything these days.
    #4 RIP Dr. Seuss.
    #5 Fairy Neat.
    Merry Christmas. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  13. those homes are so pretty and so beautiful with the lights, several of them have the front porch i have wanted all my life and never had..

  14. The house next door is dark this year . . up until now they have been a beaming presences you could spot from quite a distance. Mo lights now . . makes me wonder . . . Really?? the city get to boost available power because of one fabulous house??? That's amazing to think about. Thank you for the Grinch Quote.
    Happy Friday!

  15. Wonderful illuminated houses! Thats such a difference to our Christmas time earlier, in the GDR (I wrote about it in my Willy Nilly today) - such a heavenly light! Your quote I've read today twice... - I really want to look for this book! Thanks for the Fairy Blog link
    Merry Christmas time :-)

  16. I like to SEE and photograph Christmas lights but the idea of paying the electric bill, not so much. Thanks for the link to the elves. The artist is incredibly talented!

  17. the gif animation didn't come across on your photos, but they're lovely just the same. the snow is flying on the snowman, though. :)

  18. The animation in those first photos just happened on its own? Wow! Beautiful! I took a look at the house the way it was decorated by its former owners. Let's just say, I love the transformation by the new owners. I bet the house feels better this way :) All of your neighbourhood photos are lovely and that gif is delightful. The Grinch was onto something :) Have a peaceful holiday filled with love!

  19. I just love those homes that are lit up for the Christmas holiday.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Love all the Christmas lights and your home is so lovely and inviting. I'll click over to that blog now. Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. Love the little lights tinkling away; beautiful neighborhood they did a very neat and organized job some of the peeps in my neighborhood just slap there's up like why even bother then. lol

    Happy Floral Friday

  22. Hi Denise,

    I loved seeing all the magical lights around your neighbourhood and thanks for sharing.
    Also enjoyed your five Christmas things -I too like Andrea Bocelli - hasn't he got the most amazing voice.
    Happy Christmas and holidays, to you and yours

  23. I wonder if the new owners of the house realize they are living in what used to be "the Griswald house," :-) Love the sparkly lights, the decorated houses, the adorable snowman, and the meringue recipe and all....isn't Tanya great for providing us with a place to list so many different wonderful things about Christmas! :-) Hope yours is wonderful this week!

  24. Thank you for the Christmas cheer, Denise. I needed it.