Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After Christmas

We had a super day with our family yesterday. Our son and daughter-in-law came over early in the morning, we had our Christmas meal at noon, opened gifts afterwards, had a great time just chatting, and around 4.30 they left to have another Christmas meal with our daughter-in-law's parents and family to repeat the process.  We always appreciate the fact that they go out of their way to make both parents happy, and for us especially as Brad's Grandfather and his wife Celia are here, and they don't get to see them that often. This in itself made it a very special time. 

I have been enjoying everyone's Christmas Decorations, especially the tree ornaments.  Probably because I have collected them since our son's first Christmas.  I add to my collection every year and also family and friends give them to me as gifts.  I thought I would share the new as well as a few of the old ones too.

A few months ago Celia gave me these British ornaments which she had, unknown to me, bought at Heathrow Airport before we flew home after our trip in Europe.  I love them!

This one is from my niece in Germany.  She brought us two, one for her and one for me, so that we could think of each other at Christmas she said.   She has always been so very thoughtful that way and I love her for it.

This is from another dear friend who knows how much I love hedgehogs.  It's a nostalgia thing for me as my parents used to feed a family of hedgehogs in the garden for years.

Darling little thing!

And these are the ornaments that Gregg gave me from our trip to Occoquan last week.

I always add a White House Ornament to my collection.  It came in two parts this year.

I have a lot of them that are very special and here are a few oldies.  

This is actually a glass suncatcher I bought from our holiday to Hawaii years ago.  

And here's our Christmas Tree when the gifts are just starting to appear.  I should have taken a later one but I forgot.

And there you go, another Christmas over until next year.