Thursday, December 11, 2014


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So tranquil now and hard to believe two major battles took place during the American Civil War.

For Willy Nilly Friday Five as they happened in order.

1)  Would you like to find out how you make homemade Nutella?  A food blog called "Plain Chicken" has a recipe here.  She also provides you with a link to download free Christmas labels on the same page but if you go here it will take you to a pdf file for you to print out.

2) One day I went shopping and bumped into Georgia, an English Bulldog.  I thought immediately that she must be a service dog as they are not allowed in supermarkets normally, as we well know.  I have seen service dogs here on the rare occasion.  As they are a working dog, we know not to interact with them. Their attention is entirely for their owners who need them, and they should not be distracted from that job.  Georgia's lady said she was a therapy dog for people with Post Traumatic Stress, and that it was okay to give her a fuss, that she enjoyed it.  We fussed Georgia for several minutes. I could see she would be very good at her job, as she had the sweetest temperament.  Well done for doing such a worthwhile job Georgia, I love you for it.  Your lady human is also very kind to volunteer her time.  Well done Lady human!

3) Santa Claus paid an early visit to our neighborhood this week.  Gregg was coming back into the neighborhood and saw him walking across someone's front yard, in full regalia.  He waved at Santa and Santa waved back, singing ho, ho, ho, and asked him if he had been a good boy this year and Gregg said yes I have, but my wife has been a bit naughty.  Hmmmm.......someone might be getting a lump of coal in his stocking for telling porkies.  A clue, it won't be me!

4) Two in one here, the first was when our son came over again one morning mid week on his day off, always a joy and the time passes all too quickly.  We watch as Gregg cooks breakfast. I sit at the kitchen table with son and the three of us catch up.  Gregg loves to cook breakfast and we appreciate this.  We pitch in taking orange juice out of the fridge, putting cutlery on the table, taking plates and glasses out of the cupboard.  Simple, ordinary things but fun to do together.  The chef eventually gets to sit down as we all enjoy the delicious breakfast he has cooked.  

Also friends were invited to spend the night as they had to travel some distance for a get-together that morning at another dear friend's house.  It was great seeing them as it has been a while.  Another friend joined us and we all drove to yet another friend's house for a pre-Christmas party-luncheon. 

Arriving at our friend's house....

and leaving.

Wonderful on both occasions and always heartwarming to be with people you love and enjoy being with.

5) Gregg and I like to go for walks in different places as we need variety, and as you can see from my photos at the start of this post, we went to Manassas Battlefield Park.  It is quite hilly and once we have made our loop we get a great cardiovascular work out. It was dreadfully cold. When I checked the temperature on our return home the low was 28 degrees F.  I could well believe it. This is the first time I felt like bundling up against the bitter cold. It was windy making it feel much colder and it's not even winter yet!  The good news is that when we got back to the car we weren't exactly toasty, but at least we weren't shivering, and thank goodness for car heaters.

That's it, bye for now!

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