Wednesday, December 24, 2014


we are all prepared for our company.  In fact they will have been here for a couple of days.  I have been adding posts ahead of time, just like this one, as I knew this week would be a busy one, and I didn't want to miss any time with our family.  

A few days ago Gregg and I went into Occoquan.  It's a cute little town and you can read a time line if you go to this link.   However, for Tanya's Willi-Nilly Friday Five I will tell you five things here about its history and you can read more at the site if interested.

1)  The Dogues, an Alonquian tribe, inhabited this area in the early 1600s.   In the Dogues dialect Occoquan means "At the end of the water".  

2)   In 1608 John Smith was the first European to visit the area and record his findings.

3)  In 1681 the Dogue tribe left the Occoquan area.  No record of where the tribe migrated to exists.  It is assumed they were absorbed into other Algonquin tribes where areas were less settled.

4)   In 1736 the first tobacco warehouse was built.

5)   In 1804 the town of Occoquan was formally established by Nathaniel Ellicott.

We were treated to many wonderful songs performed by a local choral group, which you can hear in the video above.  This little cutie was part of the choir.  I think he was the Baritone! 

We had lunch at The Blue Arbor Cafe which you can see at this link.  We probably don't frequent Occoquan as often as other places during the year.  Occoquan is full of shops and restaurants and our destinations are usually local parks and nature reserves.  But when we go shopping for something special it is a fun place to walk around.  

More often than not we head for The Blue Arbor Cafe, though we have eaten at the larger restaurants also.  Our favorite, however, is this small cafe and we love its ambiance.  It is like a little tea room American-style.  We had a cup of soup - a tomato bisque - and a sandwich.  My sandwich was The Varsity which was roast beef on marbled rye and Gregg had turkey and avocado.  Both were very good and the young lady who took care of us was a love.  The staff here have always been friendly. 

Another photo out front. 

Our main destination today was The Golden Goose, a delightful shop that I have enjoyed on other visits.  I have collected ornaments for the tree since son's first birthday, but hadn't purchased any this year and was beginning to wonder if I would.  Well, The Golden Goose took care of that.  I saw cute bird ornaments which I shall enjoy hanging on the tree.  You can check out the shop here.  The following photos were taken outside.  The place was crowded.  It has several rooms full to the brim with holiday items and the place was packed.  Here again the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Large wreathes every window.  

I love this place.

These are relatively new condominiums.  I wouldn't mind living in one of these.

We are almost at the car now but we never leave without going down to the river..... 

but first we have to check out the gazebo.

and finally we join a few feathered friends.  

There were also ducks and geese but out of sight.  Today I was very taken with the seagulls sitting in a row.  You can see the bridge we drive over before making a right into the town.

Those seagulls were something else and they sure did make me smile.

but they had had enough of me checking them out.....

and flew off but I didn't feel so bad as.............

they soon settled back at the spot where they were before..........

and we left them in peace.   "See you next year you guys!"

I am again linking with several memes today.  You can click on the links below to see other participants.  A big thank you to all our hosts.