Monday, December 8, 2014

All about Teddy, again....with a question.

First of all, I have been told by Elephant Child (thank you EC) that Blogger has 'blessed' me with word verification even though I have my settings on none.  I have been noticing this with many other bloggers as I am sure you have.  EC told me to set my comments to embedded, but I thought I already had it set up that way.  Then I discovered that you can just go ahead and ignore the verification.  I think I found that out from Cloudia at Comfort Spiral.  She said it will publish anyway.  Hopefully everyone will be back to normal very soon.

Thank you friends!

"My Teddy Bear"

I have a little teddy bear
Who is always there for me.
When I need someone to talk to
He listens quietly.

He doesn't get mad or yell,
Or ever puts me down.
He never gets jealous or envious
And never has a frown.

When I need a hug he's there
Waiting with open paws.
His eye is broken, his arm is ripped,
But I don't mind his flaws.

I love my little teddy bear
With his cute little face,
And if we were more like my Teddy Bear,
The World would be a better place.

~Author unknown~

That is my raggedy old teddy bear in the top picture.  He was given to me by my parents when I was a year old.  I carried him everywhere, ignored all dolls with girly clothes and he became my constant companion.  When I became too old to drag him around he was still never very far away, and I could never ever part with him even now.  He has appeared on this blog several times since I started it in 2008 along with his story, and I share him once again to go with the poem.  

The better dressed teddy bear was standing in the doorway of a Harrod's off-shoot store at Heathrow Airport.  I liked him enough to take a photo but which teddy do you think I prefer?  He is a very nice looking teddy bear yes, but fancy clothes do not a nice teddy make, one's inner heart does and my teddy has the biggest heart of all. No contest right?  He was a lovely role model, my old teddy bear.

Anyhow, my question is, do you have a favorite memory of a toy from your childhood?  If so I would love to hear about it.