Thursday, November 20, 2014


Things are in order that they happened this week.

1)  I sent my first overseas Christmas parcel out and am patting myself on the back for being earlier than the mad rush I am usually in to get down to the post office.  I'd better not go and trip myself up by patting too hard for fear of falling over my feet, because I'm still two or three weeks later than when I intended.  Just saying, it's a start. It is fun to find interesting stamps and bought three sheets, one set of Christmas stamps, one set to do with our farmers markets, and another set, well I can't tell you what the other is because they will be going in someone's Christmas stocking. I think they are really neat and fit in with that's person's interests.  My first 'stocking stuffer' purchase.

2) We had a fun time with Gregg's Dad and Saturday we took him home, stayed the night and drove back the next day.  We love to hear his stories about his youth and life's experiences.  I have said it before, family history can be better than any book or a movie.  We also enjoy learning about people we have never met, both family and friends from back in the past.  Each person has an interesting story.  Gully treated us to a meal at Dockside, which is a neat restaurant on the water.  It was night time so we couldn't see much, but fishing boats tie up at the back and we could just make out a few hard workers tending to equipment.  The light of their lamps cast an ethereal arc around them.  There are also a lot of interesting birds to be seen, from seagulls to Pelicans to a variety of ducks but it was all quiet tonight.  Birds were either tucked in or on their way south. 

3) Gregg is on call for jury duty for the next two weeks.  He has to phone in after six o'clock every night to see if he has been chosen.  If he has he will go down to the court house the following day.  We won't be going anywhere for a while and we are hoping it doesn't interfere with our Thanksgiving plans. Shouldn't, keeping fingers crossed.

4) We went shopping and purchased a few more gifts for Christmas.  It is the first time I have been out for any length of time in this recent cold weather we are experiencing.  The lowest temperature was 19 degrees F and it got up to 35. I was doing pretty good but glad to find a long forgotten pair of thick gloves stuffed in my winter coat pockets. I also need my woolly hat if this keeps up but goodness knows where that is. You can click on this blue link to read an article about the snow people are having to deal with up north, six to seven feet of snow with people in danger of their roofs caving in with the weight of it, and some not being able to get out of their houses.  The goodness of people will come out and I know neighbors will be helping neighbors but I am sorry they are having to deal with that bad weather.

5) Let me introduce you to my inner child, I have always had one.  Still staying in touch with inner child I saw a few things I could have brought home with me, oh yes!   I would put this fellow in our foyer to greet people as they came through the front door. 

I would lay these on each bed for any house guests or for lying around in the family room.  I am assuming they can be used for head or foot rests, or just cuddly huggies.

I would make sure these bears have a warm cozy corner.  They were made in Ohio.

The inner child, maybe not such a child when looking at this, wanted to take a Maserati home but Gregg actually snorted when inner child suggested he could fit it in her Christmas stocking.  Truth be told we are both very happy with any car that gets us from A to B but an inner child can fantasize every once in a while. 

Thank you for this fun meme Tanya.  
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  1. You have gotten more done than I have. I have not gotten any cards at all yet! It really seems like winter already!

  2. Denise, it is great that you have gotten ahead in the Christmas season, the mad last second rush is horrible. I love your photos!

    It is very cold here in Montreal as well, and so windy! I have blue eyes, and a friend of mine does as well, and we both get tears in our eyes in the cold and when there are strong winds. The reason I mentioned about the blue eyes is because I have friends with brown eyes and they don't get tears from the cold. Funny. :)

  3. My inner child is frequently the healthiest part of me.
    And you are streets (and streets) ahead of me on the Christmas front.

  4. Have not thought about cards or Christmas shopping yet. I am usually an early card writer well before now. Been too busy in the studio.

  5. I have an inner child too and would very like such an big plush animal - they looks so fluffy and lovely! I would hugh them all in the shop...
    Have e nice weekend :-)

    (I will join in Willy Nilly Friday too)

  6. Happy Christmas season, young lady!
    (Thanks for sharing Gully once more)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  7. Oh... Christmas soon! And I haven't started on a single thing yet. Getting nervous now but excited really :) With you on family history. I enjoy listening to mine even though some bits are annoying.

  8. First off you look charming in the painting!
    #1 And you should pat yourself on the back!
    #2 Smiley looking guys!
    #3 I just completed one year on the Federal Grand Jury, Great fun!
    #4 Baby it's cold up here!
    #5 I have a inner and outer child, growing up is highly over rated!

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. I love all the Christmas decoration, especially the bear. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Yes you are in well with the Christmas cards and parcels, I must get started!!! Now the car i would love although as you get older those cars are more difficult to get in and out of so perhaps not!

  11. Love those Ohio teddies particularly. I have a very large inner child too and having OB late has meant I get to indulge it in my forties and now 50's!

    I went to the post office and checked the postage for sending the cards to the US and was horrified to learn it would be £4.75!!!! That would take the total to £11.25, which is $17.58 according to my exchange rate thingy. I completely understand if you don't want them and I can always use them myself so it's no problem at all. I'm looking at at the moment which would probably be a better way of doing things. Anyway, drop me a line at xxxx

  12. what a great bunch of willy nillys! i love those sheet stamps too! i agree, family history is the best, that's why i love genealogy...glad you had a great visit with him! good for you getting a package out, i've done nothing, blah! oh i think you should have brought a few of those furry friends home, much cheaper than the car :) thank you for playing and have a great weekend...stay warm!!

  13. I think that you're way ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas! Love the big bear; I'd name him Buster. Or Bradley?? I think you should get two maseratti' know, one of the weekend and one for weekdays!

  14. glad you had a great time with gunny. sitting dockside would be pleasant, night or day. :) and your inner child's stocking stuffer idea was too cute.

  15. Such happy memories you're building. Enjoy.

  16. All of need the inner child and more than that we need to admit it like you do. Have a great day.

  17. I have done my Christmas list (of things to do, that is) and have bought Christmas cards. I shall soon catch up!

    Oooh love that car. It really is a must-have model, or in my case a wishful-thinking model.

  18. you have a great start on your holiday.. my inner child likes the wagon the bears are in... my inner child wants cameras and lens and lightbox software...

  19. What a lovely week! A really great post, Denise. Glad you got to spend some time with Gully. You are already ahead of the game with all that Christmas shopping, and put the rest of us to shame. :-) Of course, having to mail overseas, you just about have to be on top of things early. Love the inner child choices. That bear is wonderful!

  20. Love the photo of Greg and Gully. I miss the old people we used to know. All gone and now we are them!

  21. Ah Shucks ---don't you think that fancy car will fit in your stocking???? Tell Gregg that you NEED it...ha ha

    Love the bears also... I have a inner child in me also.. Bet we all do!!!!!

    Glad you have gotten a good start on your Christmas gifts/packages, etc.... The way this year is going, Christmas will be here before we know it...

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Your inner child was having so much fun when those photos of you were taken. How smart you are to be listening to the family stories. I hope you are writing them down to pass on to your son!

  23. i love your new car. wink wink. i can only imagine ever owning a car like that. i don't think the hubby would pick that model. probably a covertible 1st. ha. ha!!

    i linked up from my other blog today

  24. Wow you've started shopping already. I'll be doing it "last minute" as usual I'm afraid as it just creeps up to fast for me to handle anymore.
    I think my "inner child" would have broght that big bear home, so cute. Nice choice for a (dream) car.
    And I am so very thankful we did not get dumped on with that much snow. I can't imagine how awful that must be to deal with.

  25. No shopping done here, yet, but window shopping is great fun and I would have liked to take home that giant teddy as well, Denise. I have bought stamps for cards yet, but need to start on the writing them.