Thursday, November 13, 2014


I took these photos while grocery shopping.   We left the house in sunshine but those dark clouds promised rain.

I liked how the Autumn leaves seemed so vibrant still, not quite ready to give up and still hanging in there, and how the bright sunlight struck this building.  Those ominous clouds made a great backdrop.

In one direction blue but cloud-filled skies, with the sun slowly disappearing behind them.

A good time to go to the store later in the day.  It wasn't very crowded.

By the time we had done our shopping it had started to rain.  I put my sunglasses back in their case.

And now for my Willy-Nilly Friday Five.

1) The book I am reading now is one in a series with Maisie Dobbs. I've read all up to this present book, "Elegy for Eddy", and have always enjoyed them and am invested in the repeated main characters, including our heroin. Maisie is a young girl who starts out life born in the working class of 1930's England, is a maid at a tender age and through an interesting set of circumstances, becomes a private detective.  I finished 'Winter Street' last week. I enjoyed it but find myself drawn back to my who-dun-it genre, which really is my favorite type of read.

2)  I am including a link for an incredible National Geographic movie on Manta Rays. Did you know a Manta Ray could 'fly'? Check it out here.  It is an amazing sight.  Thousands and thousands of Rays gather and no one really knows why.

3)  Also, here is another YouTube video about the plight of the Kiwi.  Go here for a really cute video where kids talk about this wonderful bird.  I think children make for wonderful interviews.  It doesn't go as expected and that is a bit sad, but I think that is the whole point of the video, a good lesson for us all.  The children absolutely make this video.  It makes me wonder how many they interviewed before picking these few.  

4)  A favorite photo from a recent trip to Huntley Meadows, one of the places we enjoy walking.  Those are Canada Geese you can see.

5)  We have company.  Gregg's Dad is staying with us for a few days.  I will have another family member to try out new recipes on.

And that's about it for my Willy-Nilly Friday Five.


My thanks to our hosts of these two fun memes.  You can click on their names below to visit other participants.