Thursday, November 6, 2014


Taken near Manassas in September and my first two photos are for Good Fences and SkyWatch Friday, links below this post.

I am also joining in Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five.  My 5 usually take place in order of events during our week and fair warning, I can ramble, says I with a smile.

1) Another Halloween come and gone.  We had almost 40 kids on our doorstep, probably because Halloween was on a Friday night this year, with no school the next day of course.  This is a big number for us as it had been dwindling over the last few years.  There were a few older ones this time, maybe the last one for them, a foot still left in childhood before moving on.  Bananas were a popular costume this year as three of them appeared at one time, as well as one very huge ear of corn.  My favorite trick-o-treater of the night was a sweet little girl about seven years old. Her black hair was in pig tails and she was wearing a dark blue 40's style cardigan over a blue and white gingham dress.  She also wore white socks a couple of inches higher than her glittery red ruby slippers, which twinkled and sparkled in the porch light.  I loved those red ruby slippers and "Dorothy" was adorable!  I wanted to give her the whole bucket of candy.  Every child or group of children were accompanied by a parent standing on the sidewalk at the bottom of our driveway.

2) Our son came over one morning for a visit.  If he has a day off during the week he will stop by to say hello.  Sometimes these visits are spontaneous, the phone will go and he will say hey, I was thinking of coming over, okay?  Gregg will start cooking bacon, eggs and tomatoes, which is one of son's favorites, and I will fix the grits and toast.  Grits has also been a favorite of his since he was little.  He had stopped off at Starbucks and bought us coffee, always a nice treat.  

When he arrives everything is on the table within half an hour and then it's a fun time catching up. Here he is showing me a trailer to a new movie that is coming out.  Brad and I have similar tastes in movies most of the time.  I love a good action movie. I think this came from my Dad who loved Westerns. He and I used to enjoy them all and it started with Saturday Matinees watching Hopalong Cassidy when I was seven years years old.  My Mother also enjoyed movies. She and I used to go to them often, especially if Rod Taylor was in it.  Mum was a big Rod Taylor fan.

3)  This is a great site, it shows places of interest in the United States and I thought I would pass it on.  You can click on this link to open and then click on "start exploring".

4) Is anyone using 'wunderlist'?  I have this app on my iphone and among other things we use it for our shopping list.  Gregg finds some great apps he likes to try.  This one stops us overbuying way too many repeat items before we need them.  For instance, before downloading this app, we might have three bottles of mayo or whatever waiting to be used up.  No big deal, everything gets used eventually but you kind of run out of room.  

Six months ago Gregg discovered 'wunderlist' and we both now have this app on our phones.  When either of us buy an item we delete it off our list, and because we are both on that same list, that deleted item also gets deleted on the others list. We always know we have been shopping if we are in two different locations, there is a ping when that item is deleted, and yes you can turn the sound off.  Anyhoo, It's a neat little app because you can use it for all kinds of things, not just for shopping.  If you like making lists you might want to check it out at this link.

5)  I voted!  We drove up to our local high school and cast our vote for Congressman and Senator.  I am always very proud to vote, especially as I have only had my citizenship for a few years and consider it a real honor.  My first vote was for the Presidential Elections six years ago, when the chap at the Immigration Office literally ran me down the hallway, flapping my folder this way and that, herding me along at break-neck speed (to the point I was worried I was going to sprain an ankle) so that he could add my name to the list of those who would be sworn in that afternoon.  We made it by seconds. It was a bit of a shock, overwhelmingly emotional and that in itself took me by surprise, an amazing experience.  

The night we voted for a new President a couple of months later, Gregg was still working and he and I waited in a long line, with a good three hundred people or more who had stopped by on their way home.  Gregg was so proud of me, telling everyone around us that this was my first vote as an American Citizen. Yes I am sure they all needed to hear that, but to tell you the truth we were both excited about it.  Now that he is retired we went up to the same school during the day and there was no one ahead of us.  We were in and out in a few minutes.  Definitely a little more low key these days but I am still thrilled when I walk in.  Let's face it, for a woman to be able to vote wasn't always the case.  We all owe a great debt to those brave Suffragettes who made incredible sacrifices, and went through a lot of unimaginable abuse and hostility so we could do just that. 

Whenever we have gone up to the school there are always volunteers.  The first we passed were those handing out political leaflets.  Then there was the bake sale and a couple of ladies selling White House ornaments.  The bake sale was for the high school choir, the ornaments were for the drama club.  The bake sale had two tables full of goodies with five high-schoolers managing each table.  No shortage of volunteers there, all young girls and one young boy who seemed not to be quite sure what his purpose was and was standing with hands in pockets, which made me smile.  I wondered which young lady was his girlfriend.  We put a donation into the can and picked up a couple of doughnuts which was our breakfast on the run.  We were also given a couple of brownies saved for dessert later on.

The two ladies selling the ornaments looked like mother and daughter.  All volunteers were friendly and chit-chatty.  I bought a White House ornament to add to the others I have bought over several years to hang on our Christmas tree.  This year it is in two parts, a train engine and train car.  It is in honor of the 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding,  who as a young boy dreamed of being a locomotive engineer.

The following are photos of the school mascot out front.

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