Wednesday, November 26, 2014


While some of you who are checking in a few days after Thanksgiving, our day of thanks will already have passed.  I am starting this on Thursday beginning with Good Fences, and I wanted to wish all my family and friends who are celebrating a very special time together.  To everyone else, I hope your week has been one of equal joy.

We were heading to Middleburg when the weather was still warm and the trees were fully clothed.  Middleburg is a darling little town where you can enjoy yourself for a few hours.  There are shops and restaurants and it is surrounded by beautiful country side. 

For Good Fences and SkyWatch Friday

I did a double-take when I spotted the most enormous bottle of Champagne I had ever seen just beyond this neat looking fence, and isn't that a pretty sky?

There is a winery down that road.  Virginia has many wineries and they produce excellent wines, and champagnes....

Or is that just a fancy wrapped bottle of wine?

It looks like a bottle of bubbly to me about 30 feet high.

I didn't take any photos of animals this week so I am stretching a bit, but don't you think that is a cute print of a bulldog on the wall behind Gregg?  Hello Camera Critters and Saturday's Critters.  (Eileen I hope you are back by now and that all those problems have allowed you to start up again.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.)

Gregg and I occasionally go to Common Grounds which is a lovely little place that we enjoy (you may remember it from other posts). More cute dog prints on the left.  I like it here not only for lunch but there are lots of lovely prints on every wall for sale.  A big pat on the back to them for helping our local artists.

There is the little pig chef standing on the floor next to a shelf display of goodies, and two particularly took my eye....

that cute fox figurine and the wine glass.

This is the Red Fox Inn where Gregg and I have gone for special occasions. I have also been here with friends several times over the years and have mentioned it before on this blog.  It's as close to a British Pub as I have ever come across and has a wonderful atmosphere inside, with low beamed ceilings. You can also sit at a table by a large roaring fire in the winter months.  I think it's time to go back.

It also has a fence out front, and a little bit of sky up there, wink, wink, and I am sure a couple walked by with a dog on a leash earlier.  They were just too fast for me to take a photo.

And now for willy-nilly-friday-five.

1) We were in REI's last weekend. Gregg wanted to look at the bicycles as he is intent on buying one, and for me too.  I am very leery and I can't see us doing much biking now that the winter is/going to be on our doorstep. Neither of us have been on a bike in years and I can't help but be very nervous for both of us.  I told him all my excuses.  I had many, a few ankles, all of which have been through the mill after taking falls from my own two feet let alone a bicycle.  He says he'll be happy to buy me one with a motor.  Errrr.......wouldn't that give me motor power, wouldn't I go even faster?  I can envision the cartoon action figures already.  Not ruddy likely!   

I keep hearing about these accidents, yes over a lot of years I know but I have a memory like a laser for some things. Our son fractured one elbow and badly sprained another a few years back after doing a somersault over his handlebars, no, not by choice. I remember that day vividly. He was in his early 20s, no little guy, and let's not talk about those days. Let's just say PeeWee Herman has a lot to answer for.  I have heard of two horrific accidents, once when a bowling friend came a cropper when she was on holiday, and now the latest by U2's Bono, article here in case you haven't heard about it - you probably have by now.  The poor man, I wonder how he is doing?  I immediately showed it to Gregg.  It phased him not one bit as he tells me statistics. I know statistics, I just don't want to be one of them.  If you see a strange woman cycling down the hill coming towards you at a high rate of speed, wearing bubblewrap like Tutankhamen's Mummy , you'll know that will be me, but please get the heck out of my way and dive into the bushes. Gregg will have to put me on a bike first and frankly I would rather walk.  I actually enjoy walking.  I will be showing this post to him but I know what he will do, show me those statistics.   Do I sound like Chicken Little?  Probably!  I have always been overly cautious and my little rant is over.

And then there is always this type of bicycle....

seen in Washington back in the summer.  I have a hard time riding a two wheel bike let along one.  What keeps those people up?  Where's their bubble wrap?

Okay, so I need to hear from all those dedicated bicycle riders who will put my mind at ease.  I really do wish you the best of luck!

2)   A very pretty animation at this link.  Click here.

3)   A Thanksgiving Card.  Please click here.

4)   A Card for Everyone.  Please click here.

5)   A poem for you, which kind of follows on from 4).


I didn't have potatoes,
So I substituted rice.
Didn't have Paprika,
So I used another spice.

I didn't have tomato sauce,
So I used tomato paste,
A whole can not a half can,
I don't believe in waste.

My friend gave me the recipe,
She said you couldn't beat it,
There must be something wrong with her,
I couldn't even eat it!

(Hmmm...... I have been on both sides of that table)

The author is unknown.  If anyone knows the person who thought this cute poem up, I'll be very glad to add their name.


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  1. first, loved the stone wall, brick wall and pretty plank fencing! i'm certain if we squinted really hard, we'd see at least one live animal or bird in those photos - perhaps hiding behind that giant bottle of champagne. laughed at the recipe substitutions! ha!

    happy thanksgiving to you!

  2. Denise, I thoroughly enjoyed this from the giant champagne bottle, to the unicycles to the poem. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for the smile as I wait for things to boil, simmer and cook. I have a symphony of timers going off.

  3. Did you draw these cute cartoons? I had not heard of Bono's accident! It is hard to believe that someone can get such awful injuries without a car or motorcycle being involved! I agree that you may not want to ride a bike. I am more clumsy than anyone and have fallen several times just walking on dry land! The last fall was in front of Target and I managed to knock my front teeth out. I have never been in a pub, I would love to! And there are a few around here. LOVE the huge wine bottle, it is a very good advertisement for a vineyard. We have lots of vineyards around here, including the one that Donald Trump bought. But none of them have a giant bottle like this!

  4. I'd heard Bono got into that scrape. Ouch!

    Those one wheelers... I've not seen something like that.

    My mother had a little fox statuette like that. I wonder what became of it.

  5. Wishing you folks the nicest of Thanksgivings

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  6. the fences and wall were pretty. really like the entrance to the winery.

    Looks like a cute town to shop in and I see you had two more dogs on the next pic.

    Happy Thanksgiving Denise.

  7. Tex, I think you are right :-)

    Georgette, happy Thanksgiving. Looks like you are well organized :-)

    Ginny, no I didn't draw the cartoons. You and me on the falling down :( ouch on the teeth. Did not know Donald Trump bought a winery in Virginia.

    Cloudia, you also, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Felicia, yes, two more dogs and I forgot to mention the fox on the sign of the inn's photo as well as the silhouette on the roof. Happy Thanksgiving!

    William Kendall, me neither, not sure how I would do on one of these things. Poor Bono!

  8. i enjoyed all the photos and yes, that bulldog is cute! that huge champagne bottle is neat! i like bike riding but only on 2 wheels!! have a happy thanksgiving!! thank you for linking!

  9. Your photos are beautiful, fascinating and heartwarming, Denise. I love the stone wall, the bottle, the skies and everything!

  10. A marvellous ragbag of entertaining information. Bicycle - yes! Unicycle - NO NO NO !!! especially not after a giant bottle of champagne.

  11. A wonderful mixture and I enjoyed every one ... er ... except the unicycle. I kept wondering how I would stay upright on one of those.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Denise.

  12. Your fences and countryside look very stately compared to the country Australian ones we see. The bottle of bubbly certainly raised curiosity.

  13. this was a totally fabulous post from beginning to end,. Love all the fences and the 'changed recipes was my favourites. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  14. i ws born with no sense of balance, skating and biking are beyond me and i was also born the off spring of the original Chicken Little... and i wonder how they are riding those one wheel all those fences, so beautiful and that gorgeous gate and its view.. the stone wall is my favorite.. i loved your choice of critters and they do fit the meme perfectly cutest fox ever

  15. I like that cute white fence and I just laughed at the recipe (could've been me:)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  16. We drove out to Middleberg many years to have our Thanksgiving meal, or futz around the antique shops. Many wealthy individuals out that way.

  17. Lovely stone and brick walls! Hope you are having a good day.

  18. The stone wall and all other fences were great! Loved the champagne bottle. Great cards, fan of Lawson cards.

  19. Some great fence shots and sky shots as well. I really enjoyed your post. That was such a cool find with that giant Champagne bottle. I'll be back to comment on Friday 5.

  20. Thanks for an entertaining post. I'm amused at the idea of the fence around the big bottle, nice fence it is, too.

  21. I hate bicycles due to the many painful accidents I have had. You are right, follow your instincts.

  22. Nice walls!
    By the way: I like bike riding much more than got by my feets. I've learned it in my job as a post-woman, we had to ride in summer and winter, by every weather, in rain and ice... it can be a hard job, but it was fun too (have liked my job).
    Today, of course difficult with rheumatic disease and bad eyes (oh no, it sounds like an very old woman!!!) - I could not drive anymore. But before I give up, I'd have to be totally blind (ride only very familiar routes, of course)! Walking is so boring and cumbersome on long distances without beauty to see... and we do not have a car.
    An electric bike would be ideal for driving, when you are older ... but it's too heavy to carry up the many stairs to my house.

    We do not have to go fast - I think you will learn it and then enjoy. Set on a gentle descent: just sit easily and quickly cover the distance - this is a heavenly feeling!

  23. The winery images...made me smile. Love the roadside advertising here.

    Great fences Denise. Beautiful country.

  24. Beautiful skies, Denise! And lol, what a big bottle of champagne.. I love the doggie prints in the store and the cute fox.. Yes, I have Saturday's Critters ready for tomorrow..Thanks in advance for linking up! Have a happy weekend!

  25. Love the champagne shot. That's a cute bulldog on the wall. The fox reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. Have a great weekend!

  26. This post was a good read, Denise. You're good at observing and recording the sights that are of interest to us bloggers; the cute, the amusing and the unusual.
    That pub looks very authentic!

  27. Looks like you are having a wonderful time ~ Hope you get a bicycle and enjoy the pace.

    Lovely photos and post!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  28. Love the wine bottle and the inn is to die for. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  29. Denise, stopping back to say thank you for linking up to my critter party! Have a happy weekend

  30. Well, your thoughts on getting a bicycle were so funny...I'd feel the same way! Cute cartoons added. Loved the animation and the Thanksgiving card. Hope you had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! Love the stone wall and the very old brick wall and the wooden fence was great because it had such interest in the field beyond it! :-) We have a big one here at a bar I ought to take a photo of! :-) Have a great weekend!

  31. What a fun post.
    I love the stone wall.

  32. Nifty fences! And that would make a great champagne party.

  33. Sorry I didn't get back on Friday. Had a super busy weekend with little time for blogging.
    Anyway again I enjoyed your post, loved the bicycle stuff. I don't ride because it hurst my knees and also I don't like being chased by dogs when I'm riding. I've had that happen a few times.
    Loved that little fox figure in your post.