Wednesday, November 19, 2014


When we drove into Washington DC on our way to The National Art Gallery, I took a few photos.  Any links I add will be in a light blue where you will be able to click on them and read more information if interested.

Here we are on the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge going across the Potomac River from Virginia to Washington DC.  The bridge in the distance is the Arlington Memorial Bridge

The construction is ongoing at The National Museum of African American History and Culture.  It will be opening some time in 2015.

This is the entrance to The National Gallery of Art.  There are two entrances.  We exited here on Constitution Avenue.

It is easier for us to enter on the other side because of where we parked, the Madison Drive entrance.  We often exit this side to see a few additional sights while we walk back to our car.  The art gallery is the large building in the middle of the satellite image which I found on the above website.

This is the view looking across Constitution Avenue from the art gallery.

The building on the left almost covered by the trees is The Newseum.  It's a a very interesting place and one we intend to go back to some time.  There is a balcony on the roof where you can get a great view of the city.  The building on the right is the Canadian Embassy.

A closer view still not too far from where we exited the gallery.

This is a wall/fence in front of the art gallery.

Looking across at The National Archives building.

And the well known Washington Monument.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini tour of Washington DC.


Thank you to our hosts for these two great memes.

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