Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Manassas, Virginia - Old Town

We are at the Railway Station in Manassas.   They have a small museum with a few things on display.  

These are old railroad car wheels and the information card said that they were found near the Bull Run Bridge.

The thought was could they be the same that is in this old picture in the lower right hand corner?

Looking down at my iPhone, we've come along way baby but there is still a lot of charm in this old telephone.

I suppose the brand new owners of the above telephone thought the same way when they compared it to this telegraph key and sounder.  You can enlarge the information below to read.  It says this equipment was used inside the depot by Herbert L. Wetherall, the telegrapher operator for Southern Railway.   I wonder what Mr. Wetherall would have thought of the phones we use now?

This is a conductor's hat worn between 1940 and 1950.  In front of the hat is a baggage master's badge, ca 1940-50.  In the middle are buttons from a uniform mid 20th century.  In front of it is an old freight bill from 1913.  Lastly the mid-20th century step stool to help passengers get on and off the trains.

The ladies waiting room.  It looks like it may have been taken in the 1920-30's.  I sometimes forget to make a note of the date.

It was a small museum and we weren't inside for very long, but it was very interesting.

We crossed the railway line as we were heading to our old book store.  This is in Old Town Manassas.

One of several restaurants around here.  It is right across the road from the station.  These customers must have seen a few trains go by while they were enjoying their meal.  

Maybe they enjoyed the bratwurst.

A building getting a new coat of paint.

We are on the main street now not far from where we were heading to.

And this shows the water tower advertising the local high school, which is next to the train station.

An outside eating area for another restaurant....

and a pumpkin to warn anyone who was thinking of taking a rest.  Nope, you can't sit here.  You might get turned into a toad so beware.  It is Halloween soon!

I like it!  It is a lot friendlier.

There will be photos of the book store which I will share on Halloween.


  1. I love the cat and the pumpkin! I had no idea about this Railroad station, let alone a DOUBLE DECKER train! I didn't even know there was such a thing! I lived not far from Manassas (maybe a half hour) for about 18 years, wonder if they had the double decker then? I would love to go there just to ride it!

  2. Quite a lovely area for a stroll.

    We had an old phone like that in the house where I grew up.

  3. looks like a lovely town. I like all the old railroad antiques.

  4. amazing no one steals the pumpkin. neat treasures in that little museum.

  5. Love the cat and pumpkin! Nice to see where you went out to, nice looking town.

  6. Denise, I love that cat and pumpkin! I really enjoyed this tour! Those old wheels must be very heavy. Thank you so much for sharing this journey back in time!

  7. I'd love to see one of those double-decker trains Denise! What a fabulous outing, I have a special interest in trains and railway stations. I used to work on the trains for Qld Rail.
    I love the old Railway Station and restrooms you showed, really wonderful museum. May have been small but not by way of offerings! They were many.
    The pumpkin - what a more subtle touch!
    Thanks for calling by Denise I hope you took some tropical warmth with you.

  8. An amazing place to visit and you got some cracking photographs . Love the railway museum and large pumpkin.

  9. Denise, thanks for the tour, I have never been to Manassas, Va. I enjoyed the museum exhibits. It is a cute town..

  10. Great photos, it certainly didn't look small.

  11. Some how or other I missed this good post. I like old rail way stuff so I like the pictures at the beginning of the post.

  12. Thank you so much, it as almost as much fun as really being there too!

  13. Oh I loved this blog I really enjoyed the history and awesome photo shots my friend. ♥

  14. A fun fall post; I'd be definitely tempted to take that train into the city. They've done a great job making this area inviting. Love when that happens. And the museum does look like a little treasure!