Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I have shown you several photos from my home village lately.  For Good Fences I thought I would continue the theme, showing the old stone walls and gates at the church, and just outside.  No wooden fences but lots of stone walls.

(For those who don't know, I went back to England after a 20 year absence, and these photos were taken in my home village in South Devon where I lived before marrying and moving to the States 39 years ago.)

The graveyard overlooks the farmer's field and the old barn beyond the stone wall.

This house is just outside the gate....

as is this one.  When I took my photo I probably was trying to get the flowers but noticed that the fence/gate was sharper.  I still like  the slightly blurry background.

This lane goes past the church and yes it is a two way road.  If you come across a car heading down the hill, then you back up until you find the nearest opening, usually a farmer's gate which gives you enough room to slide into to let the other car pass.   I can't remember as it's been many a year since I drove in England, but I believe it is the person coming up the hill who has the right of way.  Maybe our British friends can correct me if I am wrong.  My memory also is that drivers were always extremely polite, even today.  It didn't matter who had the write of way, sometimes both cars would instantly try to find the farmer's gate.  Now, I think if you have a whole line of cars behind you it might be more difficult to do, but I also remember there were times that the last car in line, maybe three or four cars back, would start reversing to allow the others in front of him to follow suit, to accommodate the oncoming driver(s).

The old telephone boxes were a welcome sight.  There aren't too many left as they have been replaced by more modern looking ones, but it's always a joy to see an original.  This is the back of the box behind the old stone wall.


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