Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finding Abraham Lincoln in London and a few more London Scenes

While in London we took a cab ride and the driver was a wealth of information.  We have heard about London Taxi Cab Drivers before.  They have to pass an amazingly difficult test called "The Knowledge" which you can read about here.   It takes anywhere from two to four years to learn 'The Knowledge". 

This is not the cab we took.  Ours was totally black but we were told that drivers will now have advertisements on their cabs to earn extra money.  We wondered about that as last time we were in England, we only saw the old-fashioned black taxi cabs which I loved, but these were fun to look at.

Our driver gave us a great tour and pointed out all the local landmarks.  Gregg was nearest to him and asked him lots of questions, which he was only too happy to answer.

One place he pointed out interested us particularly, and we saw it while driving through Parliament Square.  I couldn't get a decent photo but through the window you can see a statue of Abraham Lincoln created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.  We were surprised and very happy to find him here.  It was presented to Great Britain by America in 1920 to mark 100 years of peace between the UK and the USA.  I have provided a link with information which you can see if you click on his name.

There was another statue intended for this spot but when Abraham Lincoln's son Robert (who became the Secretary of War) set eyes on his father's statue, he was not a happy man and it was his influence that had it replaced.  There was something about how he disliked the placement of hands.  That statue was instead sent to Manchester (England) which you can see here.  This site has a paragraph which is very interesting, all about how Manchester came to receive this particular statue of our 16th President.  

The statue in London was unveiled by the Duke of Connaught, after being accepted by David Lloyd George.  If anyone is interested in who these two people are, I have provided a link on their names.

I think I have waffled on enough but I do love how one simple photo can send a person on an interesting journey just by sitting in front of a laptop.  It is fascinating what you can find.  Always wise to check sources though.  I went through several sites so that I could put this post together.

Here are a few more sights taken while we were in London.