Friday, October 17, 2014


This delightful little bird is a Pied Wagtail.  I saw him when we were visiting Torquay last summer.  We were having a drink and a snack near the Living Coasts Zoo and Sea Life Aquarium, and our little friend here was hopping around near our table.  (I hope to visit the aquarium the next time we visit, but we didn't have the time on this particular day. If you would like to take a look at their site you can click on the link above.)

Latin name: Motacilla alba and you can find more information here.

In the UK you will be able to see the Pied Wagtail all year round.  The best place to look for them is near water, in most habitats and even town centers where they like to congregate on roofs.  They will gather in their hundreds to roost in wintertime. They like to eat insects but appeared to me to be scrounging for tidbits from anyone who dropped a crumb of food.  Opportunistic, happy little campers!  This little one never stayed in one spot, running almost at a blur as I tried to focus on him. However, I was very happy to be able to take a few shots as I wanted to share him for today's post. 

I am also sharing a couple of maps to give you an idea of where the Aquarium is located.  I worked in Torquay (phonetically pronounced Torkee) for several years before moving to the USA in 1975.

Many thanks to Misty, Eileen and Anni for bringing these fun memes to us every Saturday.