Friday, October 24, 2014


Up until I was 25 I had been visiting the ponies on Dartmoor since I was eight years' old.  At first it was a couple of times a year when on holiday, and then at 15 years of age we moved down to South Devon permanently.  At every opportunity I would head for the Moors, about as long a drive from our home as it is for me to the Shenandoah's right now, maybe not even that.  When I lived with my parents my bedroom window look out on the village in the valley below, with the church where Gregg and I would eventually marry at its heart.  Beyond the village I could see the Moors in the distance. At the first opportunity I would get in the car and it wasn't long before I found myself among those wonderful ponies.  I could sit for hours observing them and felt very much at home in their presence.  They certainly didn't mind me. 

I loved the wildness of the Moors, and I loved the ponies and visited often.  After a 20 year absence I was able to see them again.  That old feeling of love for Dartmoor and for these beautiful animals came rushing back, as if I hadn't been gone for long at all, and I couldn't stop taking photos.

You can learn more of Dartmoor and its Ponies here.

A while ago I started visiting two blogs from my part of the world.  The first one I discovered was Em of Dartmoor Ramblings.  She actually lives on Dartmoor and takes wonderful photos of living life on the Moors, including these beautiful ponies.  Through her I discovered SeagullSuzie whose blog is Beautiful Brixham. Brixham is another place I know very well.   Both of them take me home virtually whenever I want.  They have great posts and their photos are always a joy to see.


I am joining Misty's Camera Critters and Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  You can find their buttons on my side-bar.  Thank you for hosting ladies.