Thursday, September 11, 2014


 For me our weather has been perfect over the last few days.  not much over 70 degrees F., no humidity, sunny skies, just glorious!   My second post on Skyline Drive and these were the skies we saw that day.

The next photo shows part of the roof at Big Meadows Lodge.  

We stayed here for a long weekend a few years back and we keep saying we need to do it again.  A great memory of getting up before dawn and walking across the meadow as the light of day approaches.  That morning glow is something else and then you spot a deer, and then another, and before you know it a whole herd.  They take on a magical quality in that morning glow and I want to experience that again, but today here are the skies we saw on our Sunday Drive.


My thanks to the SkyWatch Team, YogiSandy and Sylvia,  for hosting this wonderful meme.

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Happy SkyWatch Friday!