Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Advice from a tree....

Advice from a Tree
~Ilan Shamir~

Dear Friend,
Stand tall and proud
Sink your roots deeply into the earth
Reflect the light of a greater source
Think long term
Go out on a limb
Remember your place among all living beings
Embrace with joy the changing seasons
For each yields its own abundance
The energy and birth of Spring
The growth and contentment of Summer
The wisdom to let go of leaves in the Fall
The rest and quiet renewal of Winter
Feel the wind and the sun
And delight in their presence
Look up at the moon that shines down upon you
And the mystery of the stars at night
Seek nourishment from the good things in life
Simple pleasures
Earth, fresh air, light
Be content with your natural beauty
Drink plenty of water
Let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes
Be flexible
Remember our roots
Enjoy the view


  1. I do love the wisdom (and the beauty) of trees. My favourite character in Lord of the Rings was the Ents - and I mourned that the Entwives weren't found.
    A gorgeous post. Thank you.

  2. It is a great poem and a beautiful shot of the tree. It all looks so lush and green.

  3. I think I'd like to be a tree.
    Jane x

  4. Thanks for sharing this...a lovely poem and beautiful photo of a great looking tree. I do love thinking like a tree sometimes. Need to do it more often!

  5. I wish I could rest and renew in winter. When I arrive home this month...I feel like I will have to hit the ground running. Beautiful poem though and lovely tree.

  6. Very nice. We could learn a lot from trees.

    Love the new header pic, Denise.

  7. this is great advice and I did enjoy the view of the tree and the plants that enjoy its shade.

  8. I have read that before! It's a good one.

  9. A wonderful photo! And the poem is gorgeous!

  10. This is wonderful! I will copy it for our church!

  11. We owe our roots to the tree of life. Trees are indeed a great gift waiting to be treasured. Lovely tribute!

  12. Lovely - first time I have seen this poem, thank you Denise.

  13. oohhhh Denise I love this!! I will have to write it in my special book!!

  14. When I 'discovered' trees were the tallest plants on earth, I looked at them in a different way. I imagined myself as an ant looking up at a blade of grass. Nice thoughts in your poem. You really do have to go out on a limb to get the fruit!

  15. That's a gorgeous photo and the wisdom it gives is perfect.