Friday, August 1, 2014


The other day I took a trip to my favorite nursery, Merrifield Garden Center at this link if you want to check it out.  We are going to plant the Black-eyed Susans in our garden and we needed to replenish our mixing soil and fertilizer. 

They have been on the deck since we bought them a few days ago.  I have enjoyed looking at them through the patio door.

I always love to go to the nursery but get easily distracted with all the other flowers.....

such as this Blanket Flower....

the pink.....

and the white Coneflowers.  It was interesting, the Bees and the Skippers kept away from the white and seemed to be more attracted to the pink in the box next to it.  Coincidence?  Maybe!  I don't really know enough about such things.

The Skippers liked the Lantana though.....

and the Bees the sunflowers.  This one was motionless, almost as if it was sleeping.

I loved the Sunflowers.....

and the Rudbekia was very striking.

I also enjoyed looking at the ornamental features.

It was time to get the mixing soil and the fertilizer but I had to stop by the gift shop area, to see what other goodies were for sale.

It speaks to me and yes I am hankering.  I would put it next to the Black-eyed Susan's.

 I took note of the Bird Feeder and thought it would look very nice on the deck, but then that's for another time, hankering but not buying. 

Today it was just the mixing soil and fertilizer.  Not too exciting but the Black-eyed Susans will love us for it.  The heat looked like it was getting to it just a little bit.


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