Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Another caterpillar found at The Norfolk Botanical Garden in the southern part of Virginia.

This is a White Woolly Caterpillar.  It will eventually turn into a Virginian Tiger Moth.  

Spilosoma virginica

To see various stages you can visit this link.

Or here to show you what he looks like as a moth.  He is quite an extraordinary looking thing.

I have a lady to thank for spotting this one.  While sitting on a bench along a walking path, looking out over the water, she and her husband came by and she immediately spotted it in the undergrowth.  I wandered over to see what she had found and we had a chat.  She had no idea what it was and neither did I but like me, she said she would do a search in her bug guide when she got home.

Added note: I wouldn't be surprised that as fluffy as this pretty little caterpillar looks, it makes up for its lack of camouflage by having a prickly and irritating 'coat' to ward of preditors.


I am always happy when I find something I can share at  Michelle's Nature Notes Thanks for hosting such a fun meme Michelle.