Thursday, August 14, 2014


This is the first of four posts from a trip to Cox Farms last Saturday.  We enjoyed the Alpacas.  One never came out of his shelter but the other gave us an opportunity for some photos.  You can see those on Saturday.   Because of the wire fence I immediately thought it would a good share today.  

We also came across the sheep next door.

I love how they have put the phonetic spelling on Leicester as in Less-ter.  The same can be said for Worcester as in Wuss-ter and a few others I could mention.  If you are wondering about Worcestershire Sauce, that would be Wuss-ter-sheer Sauce.  That's off topic but it's amazing what crosses my mind when I am doing something else.  

Maybe this one was Smuttynose.  What do you think? 

That smutty nose had an itch and he went inside and found a good spot to scratch it.

The others just kept on eating......

and eating.....

and eating.

Then there were the goats.

They didn't pay us much mind....

They were whispering in the other's ear.

I wonder what they were saying?

Ups, I have been caught staring.  Oh well!

I made my way to other areas of the farm and found half a picket fence and half a potting shed.

This fence surrounded the field where they were growing their produce.

I appreciated the colorful cardboard cutouts of vegetables showing what they were growing.

Being a suburb girl I am always wondering what the crop is when I get out into the countryside.  I recognize the usual; wheat, sunflowers, corn and potatoes, and since I've been in Virginia, even peanuts further south, but that's about it.

Now I can add peppers and eggplant to my list.


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