Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GOOD FENCES and our vacation rental in Devonshire, England

 While still posting about our trip overseas in June, I am leaving France for a bit and jumping ahead to the county of Devonshire in the south west of England. 

 The first two photos will allow me to participate in Good Fences, which I don't want to miss out on.

I have already written about this part of my life in my bio shown on this blog's side bar, but Devonshire is where I lived for many years before I ever met Gregg.  I moved there when I was 15 years old, after my father retired from the Staffordshire Police Force.  Devonshire was like a second home to me, still is.  From the age of eight years old my family and I visited twice a year for several years and all those trips down there helped me plant my roots deep into the ground.  We moved permanently in 1965 and it truly was like returning home.  My Mom and Dad bought a modest two-bedroomed bungalow in a small village two miles from the coast for £10,000, a small fortune to my parents back in those days.  They had also fallen in love with Devon and had been thinking about this for years, scrimping and saving every penny to make it happen when the time was right.

 When organizing our accommodations Gregg wanted to know where I would like to stay, and the only thing I asked was could we be on the edge of Dartmoor, maybe near Buckfastleigh.  I have always had a great love for the Moors, and my memories of them were wonderful ones.  He rented a house on Airbnb.  Their link can be found here.  It was the first time we had ever used it.  It is a website where you can find a place to stay anywhere in the world, be it a hotel, a Bed and Breakfast.  It might even be a couch in someone's home, or a room or the whole home. 

Guests rate these places and the people who rent to you also rate you.  You build up a reputation on either side, good or bad, and so it gives you an idea of the kind of person and place you are renting from, or whom you are renting to. 

Gregg's sister told us about Air B and B and we are very grateful to her for doing so.  A colleague of hers had been using this method for several years, and our first experience was lovely.  We found ourselves in a cozy terraced house in Buckfastleigh, and yes we were on the edge of Dartmoor, a perfect location to enjoy all the places we wanted to visit. 

  I found a connection with our host whom we didn't actually meet because she took the opportunity to visit her family abroad. While I browsed through her collection of books, imagine my delight to see one of my favorite poets.  I had never read this particular work before.  It was called "Thirst" by Mary Oliver, and though we didn't see each other in person, I felt I knew our host a little bit more just by knowing that she was also a Mary Oliver fan. 

Mary Oliver is on Facebook at this link.  I found a video of her reading a poem - "The Summer Day", which I share below.  If you can't access this you can also go here.

Below you can see three maps of the UK, all showing the location of Buckfastleigh marked with the red button.

 (my photos above were taken in and around our hosts home)

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