Friday, August 29, 2014


I have often mentioned Meadowlark Gardens and if you would like to see any of those posts, click on the label below this one.  There is a lake stocked with large Koi and we will often see turtles swimming alongside them.  I have shared photos of them before.  They always fascinate me.  The Koi and turtles hang out near the gazebo as it is a popular place for people to feed them.  

We can buy fish food at the visitor center but I haven't done this myself.  They seem to have a lot of natural food in the lake, plus lots of parents with small children who love nothing better than to throw food at all those open mouths below, which the turtles seem to enjoy as well, presumably.  I think that's why the Koi and turtles are constant companions.  Of course assumptions can be incorrect.

I have always admired the rooster weather vane on top of the gazebo, and thought as he is a critter of sorts, he would fit right in with today's post.


I am joining Misty's Camera Critters and Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  You can find their buttons on my side-bar.  Thank you for hosting ladies.