Friday, August 15, 2014


A continuation of our trip to Cox Farms last Sunday.   Their website is at this link.  It is a 20 minutes drive away from home.  I have shared before when we have visited their Fall Festival.

We went to look at their fresh produce and I picked up pole beans, tomatoes and peaches.  Not only is it all very fresh and tasty, but it is also a third of what we pay at the supermarket.  One of the many good reasons to go to a farmer's market and buy from local farmers.  We also purchased a couple of Lantana plants which I posted last Sunday here.  It is where I get my honey when we run out, because it is harvested by a  local apiarist and in my humble opinion, is the best honey I have ever tasted.  (At Wikipedia you can read all about the history of bee-keeping at this link.)  

But I'm getting off topic again.   Before we bought our produce and flowers, we saw that there were several animals to visit with.  We decided to say hello to the alpacas first.  I am not sure if this beauty is Equinox or Quincy.

His pal was a little shy and wouldn't come out from under the shelter.  He looked like he was getting ready for a snooze.

The chickens were noisy and ran over expecting us to feed them.

This one gave me 'the look' when none was forthcoming.

This is the one and only cat we saw at the farm.  Allowed to roam freely I interrupted her snooze on the pink picnic table.  

This is a female human.  We call her a "Denise".   Her temperament is generally quite mild and she rarely bites unless provoked or prodded, and is feeling a tad grumpy.  She has been under the weather and getting over a nasty bout of bronchitis.  As she was feeling slightly house-bound after being stuck at home for the most part of a month and is still not feeling like doing cartwheels, her mate took her to see some animals (always a winner) and then onto another shelter on the way home called Johnny Rockets, for a medicinal coffee milk shake which they shared.  Clever human, he knows this tactic will work.  Also the waitress put that delicious coffee milkshake into two tall glasses when she knew they were going to share.  The young lady was ever so nice to split them without even being asked.  And of course it felt lovely on the "Denise's" throat.  He also likes to soothe her by putting nickels into the miniature jukebox on the table and playing oldies but goodies, and play a game called "Do you remember this one?"   Her mate is safe and she will not bite him today or chase him across the field snapping at his heels, even when he keeps asking the "Denise" to smile because he wants to take a photo of the grumpy one now not so grumpy, because oh boy, those animals were so darned cute and did that coffee milkshake taste great, and she is smiling because her mate knows her so well and she realizes how blessed she is.


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