Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We are back from Europe!

For the last month those busy times I mentioned have been a month long trip to Europe.  At first we were in France, landing in Paris.  This is the first time I have been in this beautiful and exciting city.  

 (Even on a non-sunny day, this scene was amazing.  Photo was taken from the rooftop of our hotel).

From Paris we drove to Normandy to be with my Father-in-Law when he attended the 70th D-Day Commemorations.  There were 19 family members and friends with us.  An incredible event I felt very honored to be part of.  

(This is the house in Normandy that we rented, from an English couple who live in the area.  Truly, one of the nicest couples we have ever met.  Their generosity of spirit towards my Father-in-law, to all of us really, was incredible.  More of which I will tell you about in another post.)

(Gregg and I with Big Ben behind us.  Thank you Celia for taking such a nice photo of us.)

From Normandy we headed to London. We had already said our goodbyes to our son and daughter-in-law in Normandy but Gregg and I, along with my in-laws and one of Gregg's cousins from North Dakota and her family, caught the train to London where we had a great time seeing the sights. We eventually said our goodbyes to them but Gregg, along with my In-laws and I, continued our journey down to Devon.  I was very happy to show them the area I lived in when I met Gregg all those years ago.  It was so very enjoyable for me and for them, and we were able to spend the evening with some very dear old friends of ours.  

(This thatched cottage is in the village of Cockington, near my home town.)

From England we flew to Norway where we were able to find the churches my Father-in-Law's family attended five generations ago.  He is fourth generation American-Norwegian and very proud of his Norwegian roots. We met many wonderful people all throughout our trip, which included (in Norway) a very sweet town historian and a retired minister who gave us an exciting history of one of the churches, and made it come alive to all of us.  

(This photo was taken at the Norwegian Folk Museum.  We enjoyed it so much we visited again, and would have a third if time allowed.)

Yesterday morning we woke up in our hotel in Oslo, and last night we put our heads down on our very own pillows, in our very own beds.  No matter how far we travel, how tremendous a time we had, we all agreed how marvelous it was to be in our own beds last night, and back home.  Over the next few weeks, maybe several, I will be sharing stories and photos of our trip.  In the meantime here are a few to start off with.