Friday, July 11, 2014


I mentioned in my previous post that we had dropped my In-laws off at a friend of Celia's in France.  A very dear lady who worked with her many years ago when she lived in America.  They were very good friends but had not seen each other in as many years, although had kept in touch.  When this opportunity came along, our time in Europe, we were asked if we could take them to see this old friend. We happily obliged because it turned out to be a wonderful time for us too.  She and her husband were a very dear, sweet couple whom we liked immediately and our time in their company was a delightful experience.

I will be writing a post about our meeting later but for now I want to share a photo that is a particular favorite of mine.  This is one of the windows in their house, a beautiful building around 300 years old covered in vines, and window boxes with pretty geraniums.  I love this photo so much I felt it needed no other.  


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