Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last of the photos from Paris

These are the last of the photos of Paris, several of Notre Dame, a few near the Louvre and elsewhere.


Do you notice the hanging copper pots left of center above the shop? 

Here they are!


Yes, I was aware of these magnificent surroundings, but for a second or two I was focused entirely on the dog.  He was strides ahead of his human companion and at first I thought he was lost.  There was no leash involved.  Eventually he turned around to look and it wasn't long before they caught up with each other.  The Arc de Triomphe  is in the background.  I didn't get any closer photos of it because we were spinning around its surrounding roundabout trying to get our bearings.  Also it had scaffolding at the bottom and also canvas coverings which would have spoiled the look BUT there's always next time.  You can read about it here.

 And you can read about the Louvre here.  My son and daughter-in-law spent several hours, in fact all day, at the Louvre.  We had no opportunity this time BUT there's always next time.  I think I am beginning to recognize my very own banner cry.

 There were actually standing blocks for standing on, placed strategically in the area for such a shot. You can read about that glass pyramid here.

Next, onto Normandy.