Friday, July 4, 2014


A slight detour from my recent vacation in Europe, to share the following photos.

I take my camera everywhere and, if I should by any chance forget, Gregg will always ask me, "Have you got the camera?"  Between the two of us we are hardly ever without one, and if you count our cell phones, never!  We were running up to the store and not even out of our neighborhood when Gregg spotted the rabbit.  As he slowed down and stopped the car, I grabbed the camera and started snapping the button.

At first I thought he was about to hop into the bushes, but then he turned around and posed for a good long while.

Thank you Mr. Bunny, you are one adorable Cotton Tail.

I am joining Misty's Camera Critters and Eileen's Saturday's CrittersThank you for hosting ladies, I am always happy to share my critter photos.