Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Photo

I am picking out another random photos to share.  This one was taken in Apalachicola, Florida last January.  Its name is an Indian word interpreted as a ridge of earth produced by sweeping the ground in preparation for a council or peace fire. 

We were immediately drawn to the shrimp boats docked on Water Street.  We only stayed long enough to walk around for a little while, long enough to stretch our legs and get some exercise.  We were on the road and heading elsewhere, but we saw a lot of places in between.  Oysters were Apalachicola's first seafood industry and were sold locally as far back as 1836, harvested in much the same way as they are today.  It was a lovely town and we made a mental note to go back one day.  Our list of 'go-back-to's' is getting pretty long.