Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NATURE NOTES and a WARNING, if you don't like SNAKES this is not for you.

 Back in the beginning of April Gregg and I went to Huntley Meadows.  It is a place we have been to often over the years and I have shared about it before.  If you would like to see those other visits, you can click on the Huntley Meadows label below this post.

 Whenever we saw a group of people staring into the undergrowth we would join them to see what they were staring at.  Today was the day for snakes.  In fact, there have been many visits where we would see none but on this particular day we saw many. 

We were told by someone that these are Ribbon Snakes.

 An eastern ribbon snake, or common ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus sauritus) is a subspecies of ribbon snake found in the northeastern United States.  It averages 16-35 inches (41-89 cm) in length.

I think the snake below may be a garter snake, only because on this page here it shows you the difference.  On the eye of the ribbon snake there is a small white marking in front of the eye, whereas a garter snake does not.   I am by no means an expert but it's fun trying to learn these things after seeing so many of them, and I enjoyed reading the information at that link.

 I have absolutely no clue what this one is.  Can anyone ID it for me?   

 And no, I wasn't that close when taking any of these photos.

As you can see, the park was very busy the day we went.  It is unusual for us to go on a Saturday and there were a lot of parents with children interested in those snakes.  It is how we spotted them in the first place.  I think this area is a marvelous place for introducing young ones to nature. 

I am linking with Michelle's Nature Notes Thanks for hosting such a fun meme Michelle, and an educational one also as it makes me look further than the end of my nose!