Friday, June 6, 2014


Why did the chicken cross the road?

There are a lot of chickens roaming the streets of Key West.  I was busy taking a photo of one of them crossing the road.  A young man came around the corner in his SUV and I could see the game was on.  He gunned his engine and thankfully the chicken could run fast and made it to the other side.  The driver grinned at me as he went by.  I think he had played this game of chicken many times before for startled tourists.  No I didn't grin back, I may have given a bit of a sour look and done an eye-roll.

I do believe there is a smile on the face of the winner.

I raise my glass to the victor!

And now an oldie but goody.....why did the chicken cross the road?

Albert Einstein: the chicken did not cross the road.  The road passed beneath the chicken.

Isaac Newton: chickens at rest tend to stay at rest.  Chickens in motion tend to cross roads.

Wolfgang Pauli: there was already a chicken on this side of the road.

Carl Sagan: there are billions and billions of such chickens, crossing roads just like this one, all across the universe.

Jean-Dernard-Leon-Foucault: what's interesting is that if you wait a few hours, it will be crossing the road a few inches back that way.

Robert Van de Graff: hey, doesn't it look funny with all its feathers sticking up like that?

Albert Michelson and Edward Morley: our experiment was a failure.  We could not detect the road.

Ludwig Boltzmann: if you have enough chickens, it is a near certainty that one of them will cross the road.

Johannes van der Waals: some say it was a sixth sense that led the chicken to cross the road.  I say it was a sixth power.

David Hilbert: I was standing on the side of the road and a chicken came along, evidently in some kind of strange state.  I informed it that it was nevertheless still in my space, so it went across the road.

Blaise Pascal: the chicken felt pressure on this side of the road.  However, when it arrived on the other side, it still felt the same pressure.

John David Jackson: you'll find out after you complete this 37-page calculation.

Henri Poincare: let's try changing the initial position of the chicken just a tiny bit, and....look, it's now across the road!

Enrico Fermi: in estimating to the nearest power of 10 the number of chickens that cross the road, note that since fractional chickens are not allowed, the desired power must be at least zero.  Therefore, at least one chicken crosses the road.

Werner Heisenberg: because I made darn sure it was standing right next to me on this side.

Richard Feynman, 1: it's all quite clear from this simple little diagram of a circle with lines poking out of it.

Richard Feynman, 2: there was this good-looking rooster on the other side of the road, and he figured he'd skip all the games and just get to the point.  So he asked the chicken if she'd like to come over to his side, and she said, "Sure!"

Erwin Schrodinger: the chicken doesn't cross the road.  Rather, it exists simultaneously on both sides....just don't peek.

Charles Coulomb: the chicken found a similar chicken on this side of the road to be repellent.

John Bell: since there are no local hidden chickens, any hidden chickens you find must have come from far away.  They therefore surely must have crossed at least one road on their way here.

Henry Cavendish: my dear chicken, I have calculated with the utmost detail and precision the density of your insides.  Now, for the sake of my precious sanity, I beg you, stop that incessant clucking and be gone!


Well I think you get the point.  My thanks to the gentleman who put this together.  You can read the rest of "Why did the chicken cross the road" here.


Thank you for hosting these great memes ladies.


  1. Hi Denise,

    So glad the chicken escaped the nasty man in the SUV.
    Great post and thanks for sharing.
    Happy weekend

  2. Those rate as hilarious reasons for the crossing!

  3. this is a beautiful chicken you captured. Shame on them for trying to run over a poor creature. We go out of our way to avoid birds and squirrels. Though we WERE hit by a deer once in a city called LOVE, which is why we were not hurt.

  4. OH gracious! This is amazing! I love the different chicken points of view. So Florida has those birds running around too, hunh?

  5. Love the chicken - and would have rolled my eyes and possibly made a gesture or two at the driver.

  6. That is a handsome looking rooster and I did enjoy all the "why did the chicken..."

  7. I didn't know there were that many theories about chickens crossing roads.... lol. Great photos, Denise.

  8. I love this, he is a beauty.. they must be roadwise down there to live at all. could you send me the SUV driver and instructions on how to get 3 raccoon to cross the road?

  9. hope this is not a duplicate. i tried to publish and got locked out.
    i am struggling to remember what i said. love the chicken and not the suv... that chicken must be "road wise" LOL...
    please send me the SUV driver and instructions on how to get 3 raccoon to cross the road.

  10. Being a cat lover, the 'Schrodinger' made me giggle.
    Jane x

  11. a lovely rooster, even if he is taking a risk.

  12. I remember that chicken joke since I was in kindergarten. I remember thinking "getting to the other side" was not very funny.

  13. I've always heard that chickens cross roads, but this is the first time I've seen it! LOL!

  14. Too funny, and great capture....go critter like the wind.

  15. Fun post! I'd read or heard somewhere that chickens rule the roost in Key West. That's one handsome rooster. I understand your reaction to the driver of the other vehicle.

  16. Why should chickens always stay on one side of the road! ;) So funny and lovely. And all these quotes ... gorgeous! I love this post!

  17. so glad the chicken made it across the road safely... love your pics. the guy wouldn't have gotten a smile from me either.

    this morning on my way to church three grackles flew in front of my suv and sadly i couldn't stop quick enough. i hit one of them. it broke my heart. i hate when something like this can't be avoided. hope all is well your way. have a great day~

  18. Hurray for the quick chicken!!!! He's beautiful, by the way.

  19. That looks like you've comprehensively exhausted all possibilities. Does the same go for hedgehogs, who in my experience do this kind of thing more often than chickens? Or maybe they're just not as good at it.