Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vistor Center at Frying Pan Park

Today I am sharing photos taken at the visitor center.  Not too far from the entrance were several men playing local folk music. It was lovely hearing such sweet harmony, and they were excellent musicians.

There was a small museum inside showing what life was like in the early days of the farm.

An old door complete with names and markings where the children's heights had been measured......

and this information hanging on the door telling what chores were expected from the ages of five to fifteen.  You can enlarge the pictures to read this info.

I enjoyed looking at all the old photos and this one was my favorite.

Another great photo.

And more.

A dairy equipment display.

An old milk can....

and an old milking machine.

I was surprised to see a face on the milk bottle......

and wasn't really sure what I thought of it.  From my childhood, I remember the sound of the milkman's van as he made his way up the street in the wee hours of the morning long before the sun had risen, followed by the clinking of the bottles as he deposited our order on the doorstep.  When my mother opened the bottle it was a race to see who would get the cream that had risen to the top of the milk for breakfast.  This was often mixed with a teaspoon of sugar as a special treat. 

As we walked away from the center a sudden gust of wind arose, but disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  I turned my back to the wind and took a quick photo.  It doesn't really show up that well but I noticed the people behind us were having fun with this sudden unexpected 'dust storm'.

The following information I found online at the Friends of Frying Pan Farm park Facebook page here

"All those pretty yellow plants are called Yellow Rocket.  It is an edible weed that grows in the pasture at Frying Pan, and is a relative of the wild mustard plant, you can cook its stems like broccoli or eat its early spring leaves in a fresh salad."

This is the pasture they are talking about.  However, I don't know if this is the Yellow Rocket or the wild mustard plant.  I wished I had an expert around to tell me.

I still haven't finished sharing all the photos I took, and they will be shown at a later date.


  1. What a nourishing and pleasant post, D

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. This is the kind of place I like to visit. I also like the face on that milk bottle.

  3. the Yellow rocket looks very much like the wild mustard here.Now I wonder if it is really the yellow rocket. The picture of the six children on the horse is priceless! Oh my gosh those children had to work hard!

  4. I'd enjoy myself visiting this place as well.

  5. a face on a milk bottle is a little strange.

  6. I love the name - Frying Pan Park - and the photos are wonderful. I like the one of the six children on that patient horse.

    Such an interesting museum and a reminder of how hard life was for so many.

  7. A great post, Denise. So informative and captures the farm museum captures the atmosphere of a working family farm where the children all had to work hard. I remember the clink of the milk bottles as the milkman did his rounds.

  8. A fascinating look into the past. No spare time for anyone - jobs aplenty.
    Gorgeous photos and they all look happy and healthy.
    Like you Denise, I can remember what a treat it was to get the top of the milk. We'd have a little bit each shared and it would go on our porridge. I can also remember running my finger on the silver (foil?) milk bottle tops to make them smooth... can't remember why though lol :D)

  9. Looks a relaxing kind of place to drop into. I share your memories of the electric milk carts - don't see those these days! And there's something special about impromptu music played outside.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I too love to see the old things.

  11. Oh Denise, you do raise memories... I'm now thinking about that lovely cream on the top of milk bottles... one of those long lost little pleasures.

    Children did work at early ages in the good old days... I think they enjoyed the responsibility. I was working full time in an office at 14!

  12. i love all those old photos too...the milk bottle is cute!

  13. Memories of blue tits pecking through the foil top on the milk bottle...and the cream popping out of the top when the milk froze on the step...and milk tokens!
    Jane x

  14. What a great visit ~ thanks for sharing it ~
    That header pic is such fun .

  15. What a wonderful place to visit!!
    The kids on top of the horse/mule is priceless!
    "those were the days my friend!"
    The door that goes into my Mom's washroom - we have also marked the height of their 5 grandkids every Christmas!! Their's is much neater than ours!!
    Love that milk bottle!!

  16. What a wonderful museum! I love how it documents their family as well as the way a dairy farm was back in the "Day."

  17. Lovely look back in history. I can't imagine children today doing any of those chores, a 15yr old operating farm equipment...!

  18. This is such a fun place to visit. Thank you for sharing it with us.