Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am starting off with the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.  This was while I was driving by in the passenger seat.  I had to crop it to take out the railings on that side of the road.  

There was no parking nearby and as you can see, the tourists were out and about.  The steps of the Memorial are always a great place to sit for a while.  I remember listening to the Marine Corps Band playing just below the steps 38 years ago.  I was a new bride and equally new resident of the USA.  

 We were driving along Thomas Jefferson Boulevard when we spotted this balloon advertising a local radio station.  

Gregg took the next photo.  It is the roof of the Library of Congress.  I have just found a great sight showing these really neat old photos you can find there.  You can go to this link to see them.

 A statue I am not familiar with and as we were driving in the car I couldn't take a look.  We hadn't too long before driven down from the Capitol.

The statue below is across the street from the Corcoran Museum of Art, on top of a tall column.  I have posted about it before and this is a link to that post.  It is called "Winged Victory".

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