Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Daughter-in-Law, a Turtle-rescuing Hero!

I thought I would share a little of what I have been doing over the last few days.  I haven't done a ramble in a while.

But first of all let me tell you about our daughter-in-law's great love for turtles, especially when she sees them in danger.  If she comes across one in the middle of the road she always tries to rescue them,  and that's why she is my hero.   

She and our son were meeting up for a family event and they spotted a snapping turtle in danger of being run over.  They stopped in a safe spot and daughter-in-law immediately jumped out of the car and picked up the snapping turtle.  He wasn't too happy, he didn't know he was being rescued, that long neck swiveled out of its shell and he took a swipe at her.  But, she's a total expert on reptilians, has been for years.  She knows the deal as she avoided its beak, took it over the road in the direction it was heading, and deposited it near a pond.  And I'm sure if the snapper could, he would have thanked her for having such a kind heart.  Yes, she is definitely my hero, for this and for the many other kind things she has done.

For those of you who want to see a great article on turtles, check out Michelle's Nature Notes here.  Coincidentally her report on turtles came two days after our daughter-in-law's experience.  Michelle's blog, Rambling Woods, is a wonderful nature blog.

On Mother's Day our son came over.  I also had two friends staying the night as they had traveled some distance to go to the opera the day before.  The last time they had a chance to visit with son was at his wedding, almost five years ago.  It was lovely to hear him chatting with them and it made the day extra special.  After they had left we had a few more hours with son, and eventually it was time for him to pick up our daughter-in-law who had spent the time with her mother.  All in all a very wonderful Mother's Day for both us moms.

That was on the Sunday but the day before these two friends I have mentioned and two other friends, we all met up at our local movie theater to see the live televised performance of the New York Met's "La Cenerentola", Rossini's version of the Cinderella story.   I thoroughly enjoyed this version, but it was a far cry from the one I have been used to since childhood.  For instance, there is no wicked stepmother but there is a wicked stepfather.  There are still the two stepsisters who are so mean to their half-sibling, but the Prince comes along to save the day.  Juan Diego Flórez played the Prince and Joyce DiDonato took on the roll of Cinderella.  All the performers did an incredible job, it was very light hearted and listening to them sing was a joy.

Instead of going to our usual restaurant everyone came to our house for dinner.  I had prepared a very non-fussy crockpot meal and all I had to do was cook some rice.  One friend had transported a delicious appetizer in her ice chest, which I took note of for when I have company, and our other friends had brought wine.  It made for a great evening!

And that was my weekend .


We make patterns, we share moments."
~Jenny Downham~

At the beginning of May, we were staying with my In-Law's for a few days.  They have this lovely sun room looking out towards their back garden, and we always spend a lot of time in there chatting.  

We will watch the birds visit the feeders, a pair of ducks get their cracked corn on the ground underneath, the occasional four legged friend stops by for a meal or two.  My In-Laws take good care of both feathered and four-legged friends who might wander by.  They take excellent care of their wildlife.  The fact that their garden is surrounded by very tall pine trees makes it an even more idyllic place to sit for a spell, a long spell.

On one such occasion my gaze went down to the pretty tiling and the edge of the area rug.  Following Gregg's example - he is always looking for patterns not only in nature but elsewhere - I took a photo, and then went back to chatting and looking at the birds.