Monday, May 5, 2014


Last week we were in Norfolk in Virginia, and we often like to go over to the botanical garden for a walk. They have a lot of trails and the spring flowers were blooming.  Rain was forecast and there were ominous, dark clouds in the sky.  However, we were fortunate because we didn't feel the first sprinkles until we got back to my in-law's home.  You can click on this link to see the garden's home page.

 We walked by a lake and in that lake we found one koi.  There may have been others but I looked and didn't see any at the surface like this one.  It was a strange feeling because when I focused on the Koi, I realized that it was staring at me.  I am not sure if it was waiting for food but it was definitely waiting for something, and it was using its pectoral fins to 'hover' in one spot.

It was large, at least two feet long.  Definitely an odd sensation being studied by a fish, and of course I enjoyed my time studying it.  He/she was fascinating and beautiful.

Koi do in fact grow very large and are best for large ponds.  The average adult size is approximately two-and-a-half to three feet.  However, they can get larger than that.  I read that they usually live around 20 to 30 years old, and I may be repeating myself as I know I have done at least one other post on Koi, but there is a story of the oldest Koi on record, named Hanako.  It was said to have lived to be about 226 years old and was passed down from generation to generation.  Hanako died around 1977.


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