Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Frying Pan Farm Park, Herndon, Virginia

One of the most fun places to go to within a short drive is Frying Pan Farm Park - link here.

 A couple of years ago I bought honey from a gentleman selling several kinds at a nearby fall festival. This particular honey was the best I had ever tasted, with the added gem that it was made locally.  A wonderful discovery as I always buy locally when I can.  I fully intended to go back the following year but it was not meant to be.  After buying a couple of jars for us and few jars for family to try, I finally ran out. The other day I had a craving for a taste of this delicious honey, and I remembered him telling me the only other place he sold it was at the General Store in Frying Pan Farm Park.  

The old pot-bellied stove was inside, as well as this really neat old cash register.....

and we got our honey.  We also had a great walk around the farm with all its farm animals and pretty scenery.

At this time of year there are a lot of relatively new 'babies' being looked after in the pens.  Even though the day was warm and sunny, they still had heating lamps that cast a nice glow over these cuties, probably to ward off the chill at night.

Hello cutie! 

He came up to me to see what I was doing and then returned to grab a spot amongst his brothers and sisters, actually sitting on the one at the right, and pushing him aside to tuck himself neatly into his comfy spot.

They also have an equestrian center.  We watched as this young lady guided her horse over several low jumps.  There was a large barn with an indoor arena.  When we arrived they were judging several miniature horses, which was an unexpected treat for us.

 This one was being a little skittish but soon settled down.  His owner had a gentle touch.

 This one was waiting patiently, though I notice he is sticking his tongue out.  

There were more miniatures outside.  I have never ever seen them before except on the TV or in photos.  Adorable, beautiful, sweet little lovelies. 

 There were several things for sale.  I am not a rider but I loved that hat.....

and I also liked the look of these trotting carts.

There was also pretty dog walking around the farm.  I kept bumping into him the whole time we were there.

This is the first post on the farm as I have a whole lot of other photos to share.