Friday, May 30, 2014


My post today is all about a few of the dogs we saw on our road trip around Florida late last January, early February.  I'm not sure where we were as I forgot to take note.  We came out of a restaurant having had lunch and decided to walk around the marina.  I spotted a couple on a tandem bike, with a cart behind it.  On closer inspection I noticed a dog sitting rather regally behind them. 

 He was a standard black poodle and was definitely living a good life down in the sunshine state.

Bye you cute little dog you.  Can you move on over?  I'm getting awfully tired of walking.  No?  Okay, maybe next time!

Next we strolled along the pier and saw an adorable black pup.  His owner was chatting to some friends, and he was being ever so patient.

Gregg often likes to get off the beaten track.  When we were driving through a quiet neighborhood I saw two dogs in a back yard.  

A Chinese-crested Dog....早上好,我的朋友.
My apologies for the white-out.  I couldn't cut and paste without it.  I am hoping this says 'Good morning my friend', in Chinese.  

and a French Bulldog.  Bonjour mon ami!

A visible expression on the heat of the day perhaps.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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