Saturday, April 26, 2014


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I would obviously rather see these magnificent birds in the wild, but when we visitied the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in Florida, we were afforded the opportunity of seeing a pair of Bald Eagles close up.  They were living at the park after being injured.  

 This park is  a rehabilitation center not only for manatees but for all kinds of birds, many of which are released back into the wild.  If that isn't impossible, then they will be given a home here for the rest of their natural lives.

 To be in such close proximity to them was a real privilege and one I will always be grateful for.


Last night, once again, I had a dream
About an eagle in the blue,
And just like all the other dreams,
Right above my head it flew.

In every dream of it I had,
It landed somewhere close by,
And each time, I was so excited
For the beauty that caught my eye.

Our national emblem gracing the sky
For so long I yearned to see,
And envied those fortunate enough
To see him on the wing, being free.

When I awoke from the glorious dreams,
Some disappointment I did feel.
But then I overcame with happiness,
For the dreams had seemed so real.

Majestic Dreams
Stacy Smith


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