Monday, April 21, 2014

Blogging problem and need a little help solving it.

This photo was taken yesterday morning in my in-law's garden and sent to me in an e-mail.   They have a beautiful garden and at the end is this lovely tree.  I have always enjoyed the look of it, especially when it is blooming.

Now to the post at hand, I have had two comments now from blogging friends who have had a problem logging onto my blog. 

When they link on my name from their blog, to return a comment after I have made a comment on their blog, their computer freezes up and they have to log out, but the second time -  for one friend that I know of at least - clicking on my blog link has worked perfectly.  I would like to thank Gigi of Gigi-Hawaii for persevering.  She has Wordpress and Steve of Out on the Prairie I believe uses Blogger.   I would also like to thank Steve for sending me an e-mail letting me know why he hadn't been visiting lately.

My questions are:

Is it anything to do with their blogging tool or browser compatibility with mine?  Just wondering.

Does anyone have an idea why this is occurring and have you run into this with your own blog? 

Has the same thing happened to you when you have visited my blog and tried to make a comment?

I am hyper about using my Norton virus scan every day, and use the one with all the bells and whistles. 

I am using Firefox and Blogger right now but I have also used Google Chrome.

Has anyone else had a problem logging onto my blog directly using their browser?

I am scratching my head as to why this is happening and  I am hoping that I haven't lost any other blogging friends because of it.

Hopefully someone will give me a clue and in the meantime I will continue to try and identify its cause.

I'm also getting ready to switch to a new computer if you would rather use my e-mail address: 

Lastly, thanks for taking time to read this post and I wish you all a great week.


  1. Sorry... I have no idea. I haven't had any problems at all with your blog... Wish I had an answer--but I will say that there shouldn't be a problem with Wordpress. I have lots of Wordpress blog friends with no problems... SO???? I have no clue.

  2. It usually takes a very, very long time for the comment box to load, and for the comment to accept. Long enough that I open a game of Patience and complete it while waiting. It doesn't usually freeze on me though. I too use Firefox, and yours is the only blog that consistently does this to me.

  3. the flowering tree is fantastic; imagine having that in your garden! I am leaving comment directly from your blog post (since I've not been able to access my emails since Friday - server tells me it's their end and they would be onto it after the holiday...) Hope we both get our computer issues solved soon, they are very frustrating at times

  4. Beautiful!

    I have noticed no problems at all. Perhaps the problem is in their operating system?

    I tend to comment in explorer with chrome as a backup. The only thing I have noted with your blog- something that I have seen with a couple other blogs- is that it might take five seconds to load but that just feels normal.

  5. Gorgeous tree Denise. I'm using google Chrome and I've never had a problem at all entering your blog via any way. But if I ever were to I'd let you know through our emails. I'd persevere - you'd never lose me as a visitor, sorry you're stuck!

  6. No problem to join the English girl on her rambles for me, no matter whatever devious route I choose. Which allows me to say that is a rather lovely tree to start my day with.

  7. I love the photo. Sorry you are having issues. In my experience when blogger issues happen, they seem to right themselves in time. I have never had a problem visiting or commenting.


  8. Love this tree.

    As you can see I haven't had any problem by comment to you (.. only in english language .. :).
    But either I dont't know why you have problems. Hope someone can help you.

  9. What a pretty tree, looks pretty with the blossoms.. I have never had trouble on your blog or leaving you comments. I do use firefox. I hope the problems are solved.
    Enjoy your day!

  10. A lovely blossoming tree in what must be a beautiful garden. I log on to your blog from Blogger browser and have had no problems with this or with commenting. I'm using Google Chrome, a Dell Precision M90 business laptop with an in-built security programme called avast! I hope you manage to find out what is causing this problem for some and as you know I continue to keep in touch with your email link. Have a good week, Denise.

  11. I'm okay with your blog, Denise. Only thing is that if I open it via Bloglovin' I cannot leave a comment. So I don't come over to your blog that way... you (and others) have a special place on my bookmarks bar.

    The only reason I use Bloglovin' is because Google discontinued the blogroll.

  12. Lovely Tree!
    I've not had any problems.

  13. Hi Denise (love your bunny header photo).
    Just to give you some feedback, I'm using firefox at the moment and no problems at all loading your blog.
    Other times I've visited and have used chrome, also no problems.
    That's a gorgeous tree - love the shape especially :D)

  14. i love that rabbit in your header.. really love it. the tree is wonderful.
    it is not your problem, it is something on their computer. if they use Firefox or Internet Explorer, it will lock up. they just need to try again... i have no problem with your blog. I use chrome.
    i went to IE and logged on to my blog using it and a warning came up that said blogger is not always supported by IE...
    all that says it is their computer and browser not yours. you are fine

  15. i use feedly as my blog reader and i have not had any trouble getting your blog to load. didn't have any issue with the comment box, either.

    i get comments sent to my email so i respond there, but have not tried to access your blog from your i.d.

  16. i haven't had any trouble visiting and commenting...i use google chrome...beautiful yard!

  17. I have had no problem accessing your blog but I do always wait until the page has completely finished loading before I do anything - even scroll down. Your page loads a bit slower than some but is certainly not the slowest.

    For the last couple of months I've had a problem with my usage cap although it seems my actual usage has not changed. I suspect bots tracking everything we do might be causing some of the problems.

  18. Things are working just fine on my end at contacting you. I've found that Blogger has about a 28 day good run and then goes into it's "time of the month" thing and screws up something. Can't trust it.

  19. Gorgeous shot! I'm not on Blogger so can't help, I'm afraid.

  20. Sorry, I take weekends off from blogging, so I didn't see this. I access your blog through Feedly and I use Chrome--no problems with your blog at all. Loading seems fine. Hope you have it all figured out by now. How frustrating.

  21. Wow , I have never had a bit of problem with your blog. Now my own, that is another story lately. TYPEPAD, my blogging platform, was hit with a denial of service lasting a couple of days last week and again this morning. It's back now, knock wood. This attack meant not only that I couldn't get into typepad to work, but also that mine (and every typepad blog) was not accessible to anyone. I was scared to death. A lesson: back up your blog.

    I hope you get your issues solved. I've never had a problem commenting here (although whenI go on and on like this you probably wish I did have!)

  22. Denise, a late comment, but as many others already said, I have not have any problems seeing your blog or leaving a comment. i use both Internet Explorer and Safari on a PC and Mac.

  23. Hi Denise. No problem with your blog and that is a lovely tree shot.