Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last Post on the McKee Botanical Gardens, Vero Beach, Florida - Part 7

Today I am sharing several sculptures from the garden, link here.  As it is the final post (until we can get down there again one day), it will be longer than usual.  Apart from the one at the bottom, these will be more present day pieces.  You can follow the link to Seward Johnson's website.

"Best Seller" shows a man who has fallen asleep in an adirondack chair.  I read that when this sculpture was placed in another exhibition in a park, someone dialed 911 thinking that the man had stayed still for far too long and was worried that he was ill.

This 'fisherman' is actually wading in their famous lily pond.

"Getting Involved" shows a grandmother knitting....

and on the bench next to her, the reason is clearly shown.

"Out of Sight"

"Summer Thinking"

"Photo Shoot"

"Follow the Leader"

"Shaping Up"

This one is called "Follow Me" and is inspired by Edouard Manet's painting, "The Fifer" painted in 1866.  To find out more you can go to this link.

If you haven't had a chance to look at my other six posts and are interested in seeing them, you can click on the links below.  

There is a lady on Pinterest who has collected photographs of other pieces.  You can look at those here.

That's it!  I hope you have enjoyed my series of posts of the sculptures from the Seward Johnson Exhibit.


  1. Fabulous! I can't get over the realism in these sculptures, especially the sleeping man. I can understand someone worrying about him!

  2. These sculptures are just so life-like. amazing

  3. My favorite is the little boy with the fife!

  4. WoW denise, these are just incredible. what a great idea and they are so well done!!

    i would love to see this myself. i was going to pick a favorite but that's just not necessary, the are all spectacular. i really enjoyed this entry!!

  5. These sculptures are so realistic, they look like actual people.

  6. Denise seeing the first picture I thought that its Gregg taking a nap..its only when I came to the third one I could make out that its not Gregg..the sculptures are just amazing..thanks for sharing..

  7. Denise did the chapn in the chair respond to 911's intervention? Nice series XX

  8. I have enjoyed the series Denise. Incredible sculptures!

  9. Wonderful and funny statues, I like a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.