Friday, March 28, 2014


This is a continuation from my post last Saturday, which you can see here if you missed it.  We left our hotel that morning and stopped shortly afterwards, so that we could enjoy our daily exercise by walking along the beach.  An added benefit of course was being able to see not only the seagulls but also the pelicans.   As you can see by this first photo, it is a very foggy morning but there I am, camera in hand, enjoying all those birds.  

I thought they were waiting for the fog to clear before taking off over the ocean......

but more likely they are all facing the same direction into the wind to stabilize themselves while standing.  No chance of them getting blown over this way.  Facing in this direction gives the Seagulls an easier takeoff, which I suppose applies to those Pelicans also.  Birds are generally referred to as a 'flight' when in the air and a 'flock' on the ground, but Seagulls on the ground are called a 'colony'.  

So what do you call a group of Pelicans?

A Squadron......

and this Squadron of Pelicans decided it was time to take off.....

but first they had to receive their orders from their Squadron Leader....

who was chatting with his second in command.

"Get ready chaps!"

Uh-oh!  They're doing a scramble.  Scramble?  According to RAF terminology, getting airborn as soon as possible!  But they're looking a bit at a loss as to which direction to take off in.  A bit ropey chaps!

Should we scrub take off?

Whoa, steady now!

No?  It's a go!

And the crowd roars!

The Squadron Leader called it,  "Jolly good show," he says. "Good practice run.  We will do even better tomorrow."

"Let's head back to the NAAFI to get a cup of char".  That's tea to everyone who doesn't know what a cup of char is.

It is said that Pelicans are the largest flying birds, because they have air in their bones that makes them lighter and more graceful than they appear.  

I am joining Misty's Camera Critters,  Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  and Anni's Bird D'PotThank you for hosting ladies, I am always happy to join in these great meme's.