Monday, March 17, 2014

A Monday Ramble....

This Saturday my friends and I got together again for the live televised opera from the NY Met.  This time it was Massenet’s "Werther" with Jonas Kaufmann in the starring role and Sophie Koch as Charlotte.  It was wonderful though when you see these televised performances you sometimes lose the satellite connection and right at the end the sound went out, but fortunately there were subtitles.  We could at least read the words.  The opera ended and that’s when the sound came back, when the performers took their bows on stage.   Surprisingly the audience in our theater didn’t react negatively, it was just accepted and I suppose most of us had been going long enough to realize there was nothing that one could do, it was out of everyone’s hands.  This happened all around the world, theaters all over America and in 66 countries.  Amazing!  However, we had seen most of the opera and it was superb!

The seven of us headed to a restaurant we always go to afterwards and enjoyed a delicious meal.  Mine was Pecan-encrusted Tilapia with Asparagus.  

Because people had to travel some distance home, the evening ended relatively early.  There were no hints from the staff whose body language can speak volumes.  This restaurant gets very, very crowded.  Fortunately we arrived early enough that we didn't have to wait for a table, but when we left there were many people in the foyer waiting for theirs.  One friend stayed the night at our place.  When we got home Gregg greeted us and the three of us settled down to a lovely evening of conversation, finishing off with a glass of port and some English Stilton and Cheddar Cheese.  

The next morning after only toast for breakfast, the three of us headed out to our favorite British Pasty shop and bought some goodies, our prize was the Chocolate Easter Eggs because we knew they would sell out quickly and last year we left it too late.  My friend bought two for her grandchildren. Traditionally my family Easter always had these confections and I remember them as far into my childhood as I can go. Once we got back to the house we had lunch, and my friend headed home shortly afterwards.  

In the afternoon I fell off to sleep for a couple of hours, not realizing I was in for a long nap but I didn't go to bed until 2.00 a.m. the night before and we got up pretty early.

On Friday I finished my latest novel, Louise Penny's "How The Light Gets In".  I have read all her novels in this series, the main character being Chief Inspector Armand Gamache who works at the Surete du Quebec.  If you enjoy a really excellent detective story I can highly recommend these.  This is the tenth book in the series, I have read them all and  I didn't drift once.  All her characters come to life as each page is turned, and many are repeated in subsequent reads.  The first in the series is "Still Life", and in my humble opinion I would start from the beginning.  I eagerly await her next book, "The Long Way Home".

I am setting this up to appear at midnight and as I write (at 8.00 p.m.) it is snowing, again!  Looking on the band on the weather map not long ago, we are in the 2 to 5 inch range.  It will be interesting to see what we wake up to in the morning.

The photo at the top shows my friend and me in the pasty shop.  I'm the one with the pony tail and my friend is in the orange jacket. I'm thinking I need to get a good hair cut as I haven't had it this long for many years.  I didn't realize Gregg had taken a photo until he sent it in an e-mail and I opened it when I got home.  He enjoys taking candid shots and likes to surprise me.  He also keeps telling me he likes my hair just the way it is, to which I say just like the beard he grew a couple of months ago, I will have to get it cut eventually.

That's about it for this weekend.  Hope you all have had a good one and will have a great week ahead.