Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A follow on of the theme from yesterday, sort of.....from the Southwest to the East Coast.

I liked this sign, when I read all of it, it made me laugh.  We visited Sebastian several years ago.  Back then we remember it as a lovely, quiet little town. 

As you can see by the sign it is the home of Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (link here), home to over 100 species of birds.  On March 14th, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt designated it as the Nation's first National Wildlife Refuge. This was the first time the federal government set aside land for the sake of wildlife.  Now there are more than 530 refuges on nearly 95 million acres of the nation's most important wildlife habitats.  

When we drove through the town making our way north, we didn't take a ride over to the island.  On this part of our road trip we were mostly intent on looking at places we had never seen before, and there have been many other beautiful habitats to explore.  To protect the birds you are not allowed to get off the boat, and the boat isn't allowed to get too close to the island - binoculars would be a good idea.  It's a pleasant ride over and it's fun to see the pelicans and other birds overtaking the boat as they make their way home to roost at the end of the day, often with nesting material in their beaks. The town seemed busier and more built up than when we were there all those years ago, like everywhere else it is growing.  I daresay there will be another ride over to Pelican Island in our future, maybe on our next trip south.

As for the sign, not exactly like the old west theme from yesterday but I envisaged those six old grouches wearing their long-johns, if they were born out west that is.  They wouldn't exactly need them in the Floridian climate.  I am glad Sebastian is still full of friendly people but I would love to know who those six old grouches are.  I bet they have quite a few tales to tell.