Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pelicans on Parade - thanks for the title Gregg.

No Today's Flowers today, I ran out of time but I did get the home page up and running.  You can see everyone's flowers if you click here.  It's only my blog that I didn't get a chance to do a flower post. I will be back to posting them next week.  

I had this post already in the works and as I am out all day today I thought I would share it now.

As I look at this photo from our Florida trip I see it with two minds.  

The first "Running the Gauntlet".  We had to walk between them, they certainly weren't moving and I couldn't help but look at those long beaks!  It reminded me of the old movies where warriors of old had to run the gauntlet.  This gauntlet, however, remained motionless, each soldier seemed of a gentle nature I thought, and I made it through without so much as a nip on the ankle.  Gentle souls they are, so I went to my next scenario.  

"Inspecting the Guard", when the Queen walks along chatting and smiling to each young person smartly dressed in uniform.  Imagination running wild I saw myself inspecting my own feathered guard, waving my hand in the royal manner, walking ever so slowly and saying a quiet word to each pelican, which obviously made their day.  Imagination on a roll I straightened my imaginary hat with its elaborate feathers adorning my noggin, assuring my guard that they needn't worry as they were the fake kind, and proceeded to hike up my skirt before I tripped over the hemline.  I walked by my pelicans on parade, telling them that they should be proud as they were a fetching display, and wished them all a good day.  I turned to my escort and said, "Captain, give them all an extra ration at dinner and a wee dram of the good stuff. They deserve it!"