Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Not so long ago I wrote about the Manatee we found at the Fanning Springs State Park.  You can find that post here.  

There were other species, we also found turtles.  They were interesting and caught our attention momentarily.  People we met said they were snapping turtles, but thanks to William at Ottawa Daily Photo I now know they are not.  Thanks William!  I like turtles but there was a young Manatee in the spring and we had never seen one before.  He at that time was our main focus.

All the time we were visiting with him.....

and you can go here to see what a manatee really looks like....

 we kept hearing splashing sounds, one after the other.  By the time we swiveled around we couldn't see anything, just the very large circular ripples they had left.  In the meantime the turtles basked in the sun, and our larger friend kept us entertained.

This is the kind of place that if there had been a deckchair, I would have gratefully sunk into it and fallen asleep, caressed by the  warmth of the sun, the gentle sounds of the spring, even the splashing had become a rhythmic serenade.  There were bird calls in the trees and a few ducks made their presence known, but like the birds they were too far away to get a photo.  

As yet unidentified, the splashing continued and eventually we noticed very large fish swimming nearby.

There were dozens of them.  Gregg remarked how much my Dad would have loved to come to this fishing hole.

He would have been thrilled to see all those fish, but Dad didn't catch any big ones and he didn't care, to him it was the journey, the experience of fishing.

After observing these for a considerable time the penny dropped.  We saw several jump out of the water, at least three or four feet above the surface.

With the source of the splashing identified I set out to take a picture of a fish flying through the air, and I wasn't going to leave until I had at least captured something.  I have patience, I can wait.

  Darn it, missed again! You have no idea how many times I missed but focused like a laser I was.

So close!  It took a while, if I was pointing one way the jump would happen behind me, to the side of me, everywhere but where I was pointing my lens.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say those fish were laughing at me.

Finally!  It's not the greatest picture but it's a good memory and I was able to leave the park before nightfall!  Yes I am joking, I don't think I would have had the patience to wait that long, and Gregg would have dragged me out of there way before then.  He keeps me grounded.

You can visit Fanning Springs State Park if you click here.

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