Monday, February 17, 2014

Meeting Blog Friends Dorothy and Pat from The Frog and the PenguINN

Last Thursday, February 13th, we had a wonderful hour-and-a-half Facetime conversation with Dorothy and Pat from The Frog and the PenguINN.  They were in the area for a few days visiting family and friends.  I have been enjoying Dorothy's blog for a couple of years and it was lovely to have the opportunity to get together.  I invited them over for lunch but best laid plans of mice and men, it snowed!  It was the most we had seen so far this winter, only a little over a foot but enough to snarl up traffic.  

However, it was really neat to be able to chat while they were in their hotel room on FaceTime.  It's still a novelty for me to be able to do that and the conversation flowed on both sides.  The above photo is a screen shot I took.  I'm leaning in because I am trying to take the photo, but I thought I had cut us off and my face shows how relieved I was that I hadn't.  I knew immediately that if we could have such a great time conversing this way, then we would have an even greater time meeting face to face.

That was to be on Valentine's Day.  Looking outside, the snow plow had only left enough room for one lane, with definitely no room for parking anywhere, and we realized it was a no go for them coming here for lunch, which was disappointing.  Gregg had cleared as much snow as he could and we were able to get the car out of our driveway.  Driving in the neighborhood was okay as long as you took it easy, and once we got on the main road everything was safe for driving.  

We picked Dorothy and Pat up at their hotel and right off we felt like old friends.  They are a great couple, warm, friendly with a great sense of humor that fit right in with ours.  We had a short car tour around DC and was able to find a parking spot just behind the American Indian Museum, which we walked around for a little while.  From there we walked over to the Air and Space Museum, and from there we stopped off for dinner on the way back to their hotel.  

Here are a few photos from our day together.

Thank you Dorothy and Pat for a super get-together.