Friday, February 21, 2014


More photos from the Everglades National Park and some of the critters we saw there.

The next two photos were taken inside the Visitor Center.

If you look carefully in the photo below, you will see an alligator resting in the water on the left, and that's a White Egret on the right.

 Some kind of wasp?  

I tried to get the correct name for this dragonfly but no luck.  So, here it is, a Red Dragonfly!

On the right is an Anhinga and on the left a Tricolored Heron.  You'll note the Anhinga swims with most of its body under the water.

You can read some fascinating facts about the Anhinga here, including why most of the Anhinga's body is under water when it swims, except for his neck.  

I overheard a Park Ranger telling a group of school children that the way you can tell a male Anhinga is by the blue around its eye.  The blue becomes more pronounced nearer mating season to attract a mate.

Now to a lady Alligator he is very handsome.

Other Alligators resting near the water, and near the trail!

There were also turtles.

I think one of them had a close call.

Doesn't that indentation in his shell look suspiciously like an Alligator's tooth?

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